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子嫻 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


英文對話 應答至少5句 共10句 拜託唷大大 不用很深ㄉ對話最平常的最實用的對話

1. 5星級飯店的"客訴" 針對不滿意的地方


3.到紐約旅遊 東西遺失CALL 911的對話






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    1. 5星級飯店的"客訴" 針對不滿意的地方 O:Good morning, operator.C:This is room 543.O:What can I do for your?C:I have a complaint.O:Let me transfer for you to the manager on duty this morning. C:I am disappointed for the quality of your service.M:May I ask what is it about?C:There is a bad odour in my room, which kept me awake the whole night.M:I will have someone to your room immediately. C:Thanks a lot.2.詢問醫院的"步驟"例如要身體檢查,醫療方面都可 P:Why I feel fatigue often recently?D:You look healthy.P:I am always tired.D:Let’s take a quick look of your heart and lung.P:Everything alright?D:It seems necessary to have a physical for you.P:What shall I do?D:First, you have to go to the clerk to make an appointment. N:You have to stay in the hospital for two days. D:Please bring your toilet case and personal clothes.N:We will provide food, towels and anything you need.3.到紐約旅遊 東西遺失CALL 911的對話O:Operator, may I help you?T:Yeah, I report pickpocket.O:Pickpocket? In New York City?T:Actually, you can call it a robbery.O:Please tell me exactly what happened..T:OK, I lost my purse, someone took my purse from my hands.O:I am sorry to hear that. Where are you?T:I am at the Fifth Avenue.T:I have nothing with me: passport, credit cards, and money are all gone.O:I will radio a cop in the area to find you. Could you describe yourself?T: I am in red-T shirt and a blue cap.

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