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到太魯閣遊玩可以選擇名宿當過業的地方我們選擇勝境名宿一、地處要衢:1、  開車遊:不僅是太魯閣口外五分鐘行程內,也是北部、中部經五、六個小時最先到達的民宿。相同的,返回北、中部時,也作回程離開花蓮這一晚的宿點,大概啟程回家較快,或認為這裡濱海鄉村而無街市塵囂,睡好一覺明早好開車。     2、火車遊:距太魯閣口最近的火車站,就是「新城」火車站。也將改稱「太魯閣」火車站。向東正前方1000公尺就是加油站,加油站隔街對面建築群就有四家民宿,第二排房屋最內家最大間、方方正正兩連棟就是『勝境民宿』。不會車過振動與聞到隆隆卡車聲、安眠到天亮。通常搭火車住客不論白天、深夜、凌晨都去接駕、三分鐘回到民宿,離別也送車站。3、遊程適中:本民宿到太魯閣口及遊客中心車程7分鐘,到清水斷崖及七星潭海灘15分鐘,到天祥或花蓮市車程30分鐘。太魯閣勝境民宿走路3分鐘到海邊、可望見七星潭海灣雙床四人套房平日假日備註欄二人包間1,0001,200 打折價三人包間1,3001500打折價四人包間1,6001800打折價團體和室3-8 人包間每人300元 7人時免費1人 設施:冷氣、電扇、寬頻電視、室內衛浴、整面大窗雙層隔音盥洗用具齊全、吹風機、沐浴乳、洗髮精等 

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    Local ones that go to Taroko Gorge to play and can choose the star family property

    We choose the scenic spot star

    First, located in and wanted Qu:

    1, swim by car: Not only five minutes outside a mouth of Taroko Gorge in the journey, but also the the people constellation reached at first through five , six hours in north , middle part.

    The same, carriage return the north , when the middle part , make backward stroke is it spend lotus constellation late this order to leave too, probably leave and go home very fast, or does not think there is hubbub of downtown streets in the strand village here, is it feel kind to start tomorrow morning well to sleep.

    2, the train swims: The nearest railway station from mouth of Taroko Gorge, but the railway station of ' new city '. Will rename as the railway station of ' Taroko Gorge ' too. 1000 metres just in the front are the service station eastwards, there is four the people constellation through the buildings across the street at the service station , second house the most house heavy room most, up right and foursquare to two connect with " constellation , the people of scenic spot , ". Do not know the car and passes and shakes and smells to roar the truck sound , sleeps peacefully until the daybreak. Take train dweller answer drive , get back to the the people constellation in 3 minutesing in the daytime , late into the night , before dawn usually, part and send the station too.

    3, the visiting distance is moderate : This the people constellation reach Taroko Gorge mouth and one minute such as drive such as in the center such as visitor , get branch water broken precipice and one 15 minutes such as seabeach such as pool such as star, by auspicious or colored 30 minutes of drive of lotus market of it.

    The people of Taroko Gorge scenic spot constellation is it get seashore , can see seven star pool bay one minute to walk

    Four people's suite of double bed

    On ordinary days


    Remarks column

    Two people's parlor



    Reduced price

    Three people's parlor



    Reduced price

    Four people's parlor



    Reduced price

    Group and room 3-8 People's parlor

    300 yuan for each person

    A free person at of 7 people

    Facilities: Air conditioning , electric fan , wide-band TV , room internal guard's bath , whole large double-deck sound insulation of window

    The toilet articles are complete , hairdryer , shower milk , shampoo ,etc.

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