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急~~求真愛奇蹟 心得10句

as title~~

我需要真愛奇蹟電影 心得10句

最好是英文的 中文的也可以

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    After finishing seeing this warm film of The Mighty let me think deeply that everything can succeed if have courage patiently. It is care others to go with love , make others can feel limitless warmth and happiness. Send people the whole film to think , especially have wheat of learning disorder then, unexpectedly make the true love persuade one's own heart, the successful one createsthe unprecedented miracle , make me with deep impression especially. Is not this reminding common people Any difficult thing , so long as one's own all mental and physical efforts of your Kenya's bet, inculcate all of your love, I think that anyone may break through the adverse circumstance , marches toward another new milestone!

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