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    After this research, I have learned: The tsunami production reason is because of the intense vibration, the undulation, can cause in the sea level to appear the wave wave, these wave waves impact unusual intensities, the one night long lets 普吉 the island country park, changed the entire appearance, thus it can be seen the tsunami is extremely fearful. But so long as completes urgently disperses the work, the tsunami creates the loss is may avoid. Because the tsunami occurrence is, therefore in sea level detecting machine which causes by the intense vibration so long as as soon as felt when has the intense vibration, sends out the alert notice tsunami early warning group, after waited for news confirmation, can again send out the tsunami alert notice populace to disperse immediately. Actually the tsunami occurs has the omen, if is careful may see the unusual form, when the discovery ocean waves rapidly ebb tide, possibly can have the big tsunami the occurrence, therefore this time, the populace disperse immediately toward the mountain, can preserve the life. From this time studies me only then to understand, because of the tsunami occurrence, causes the Earth the rotation to have the displacement situation, also let the Earth North Pole the disalignment 2.5 centimeters, day also reduced the parts per million for 2.68 seconds; Not only like this, because had WTO joining, very many countries also are serious in this tsunami economic loss, like this changed the global economic efficiency. Although the tsunami might is equal to more than ten million atomic bomb the might, but also has the method to be allowed to prevent, so long as everybody enhances the vigilance, a tin to has the alarm sound, immediately runs toward the mountain, may let the life and property the loss fall to is lowest.

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