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    危險地帶 Danger Zone1986年電影捍衛戰士 TOP GUN 的主題曲Written by Giorgio Moroder & Tom WhitlockPerformed by Kenny Loggins                  Lyrics:Revvin' up your engineListen to her howlin' roarMetal under tensionBeggin' you to touch and goHighway to the Danger ZoneRide into the Danger ZoneHeadin' into twilightSpreadin' out her wings tonightShe got you jumpin' off the trackAnd shovin' into overdriveHighway to the Danger ZoneI'll take youRight into the Danger ZoneYou'll never say hello to youUntil you get it on the red line overloadYou'll never know what you can doUntil you get it up as high as you can goOut along the edgesAlways where I burn to beThe further on the edgeThe hotter the intensityHighway to the Danger ZoneGonna take youRight into the Danger ZoneHighway to the Danger Zone參考資料:電影電影捍衛戰士電影電影捍衛戰士原聲帶以上資料為知識新鮮人提供,文字引用或轉載須註明參考資料及本網址:

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