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我要參加推甄 想用簡單的英文介紹我自已

嗨! 各位評審老師大家好 我叫XXX 最近才滿十八歲 雙子座 我出生台北 而在新竹長大 現在家裡共有四個成員 父母 我和弟弟 父親是一名已退休的情報員 母親是一位議員的助理 弟弟仍在就學中 我的興趣為聽音樂 游泳 打高爾夫球...等 專長的科目是國文、微積分、統計、計算機概論 我的個性比較冷靜、穩健 社交手腕也很好 這次推甄貴校 希望貴校能夠錄取我 最後感謝各位評審老師

還有需要增加的嗎 請補充你的意見

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    Hello, my name is 000, I've just reached my18th a few months ago. I was born in Taipei but I grew up in Hsinju. There's four people in my family, my parents, my brother and me. My father is a retire intelligence agent, my mom is a secertary of a councillor, and my brother, however, is not yet gratuated. I am a gemini, speaking of my habbits, I enjoy listening to music, swimming, playing golf, etc. My faveret subjects are Chinese, calculus, statistics, and conculate concept.(計算機概論這樣不知道對不對 你去查查專有名詞比較保險)I am a imperturbable person who is moderate and good at social. I hope you can enrol me to your school. And thanks for your listen.


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    Hi, Good Morning/Afternoon,

    My name is XXX, i just had my 18th birthday recently. I was born in Taipei but grew up in Hsinju (not sure about the spelling). My family has 4 people, my parents, my younger brother and me. My father is a retired intellegence agent, my mother is a congressman's assistant, and my brother is still in school. My interests are listening to music, swimming, golfing. The subjects i am specialized in are chinese, calculus, statistics, and computer science. I am a calm, stable person with good social skills. I hope i will be admitted to your school. Thank you.

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    從你簡單的自我介紹中,並沒有凸顯你的興趣、專長、能力或具體的表現。你要給面試者一個非常清楚的"Why Me?" (為什麼是我)的印象,推甄才會有機會。


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