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    著名華裔廚師 Ken Hom(譚榮輝,也被譯為洪恩)曾被《紐約時報》選為「最偉大的中國烹調權威之一」,在英國BBC固定主持節目,似乎發展重心都在英國,而不是加州。華文資料不多,以下是英文資料簡介:


    Ken Hom was born in Tucson, Arizona, where his Cantonese parents lived after emigrating to America in the 1920s. As he grew up, he found American food unpalatable compared with his mother's cooking so she sent him to school with a flask of hot rice and stir-fried vegetables, much to the envy of his friends with their sandwich boxes.At age 11, he went to work in his uncle's restaurant, which he remembers vividly: "I did everything and it became my culinary education." In 1969, he went to California. "Things were happening there and I wanted to be a flower child!" He studied art history and French history but, after a year in France, he started giving cooking lessons to supplement his scholarship. His first lessons were held in the house of a wealthy congressman's wife where he taught how to make Italian pasta dishes, although he soon reverted to his passion for Chinese cooking.His first book was about Chinese cookery techniques and this led to an article in the New York Times, which Ken sees as a turning point in his life. From there, he landed his first TV series, which was an almost instant success. He has gone from strength to strength with more than 12 books and four TV series. His passion for food is deeply ingrained in Chinese cooking; as the Chinese proverb states: "To the people, food is heaven."Ken Hom

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