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    My name am Lee Pae wen,My individuality is optimistic,Dull,The semblance looks like the dull appearance,The feeling is the stupid person

    My family member,Has my father I the mother, 2 younger sisters, but also has me, my

    father and mother quite bustles about, I with 2 younger sisters all or


     My high school life quite good, in the class each people all are

    together very harmoniously, everybody all very good, our class attends

    class very in a lively way, lets the person like this kind of feeling

    very much, each people quite are all lovable, also all very good is

    together, is a very good environment.

    My future hoped that, I only hoped after a future year, I will

    be able earnestly to select studies, tests the very good school, the

    good school should be one of future footboards, although the present

    does not have the certain goal, but at least first completes at

    present, now at last is I now most hopes.

  • Anonymous
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    My name is XXX , I am a optimistic person, and a little bit silly. I look silly too! Feel like a stupid girl.

    In my family, there are father, mother, 2 younger sisters and me. My parents are always busy. I am a student, as well as my 2 sisters.

    The life I experienced in high school is fairly nice. My my class is (是過去了就用 was) harmonious, everyone is really nice. Our lessons are interesting as we all participate (是過去了就 are 轉 were 和加 "ed") actively. So I like this atmosphere very much. Everyone is cute and easy to get along with. It is (過去了用 was) a good environment at all.

    My wish is that, in future years, I can study more seriously, in order to enter a good school. Entering a good school is an important step to a successful career, I deeply believe that. Althought I don't have any target yet, at least I would like to do my best at this moment. Those are my most desired.



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