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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂音樂其他:音樂 · 2 decades ago

誰能告訴我 ''super woman'' 這首歌的原唱者?


後來聽到一首西洋歌曲 在愛派對Trance Party 專輯中有一首歌

叫 super woman


有人能告訴我這首歌的原唱嗎 ? 可以的話 麻煩貼一下歌詞好嗎

謝謝 P.S這首歌很好聽

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    原唱是 Karyn White,但是我第一次聽是 Gladys 的版本,覺得更優,推薦你也聽聽看 ^^原唱試聽點 / Gladys Knight 版本試聽(抱歉更改一下原唱試聽點,請切換到第 2 個伺服器)歌詞:Early in the morning I put breakfast at your tableAnd make sure that your coffee has its sugar and creamYour eggs are over easy, your toast done lightlyAll that's missing is your morning kissThat use to greet meNow you say the juice is sourIt used to be so sweetAnd I can't help but to wonderIf you're talking about meWe don't talk the way we used to talkIt's hurting so deepI've got my prideI will not cryBut it's making me weak*I'm not your superwomanI'm not the kind of girl that you can let downAnd think that everything's okayBoy, I am only humanThis girl needs more than occasional hugsAs a token of love from you to meOoh, baby...I fought my way through the rush hourTrying to make it home just for youI want to make sure That your dinner will be waiting for youBut when you get there you just tell meYou're not hungry at allYou said you'd rather read the paperAnd you don't want to talkYou'd like to think I'm just crazyWhen I say that you've changedI'm convinced I know the problemYou don't love me the sameYou're just going through the motionsAnd you're not being fairI've got my prideI will not cryStill I can't help but care (*)Ooh baby, look into the corners of your mindI'll always be there for youThrough good and bad timesBut I can't be that superwoman that you want me to beI'll give my love, oh lasting loveIf you'll return love to me (*)Ah ha, If you feel it in your heartAnd you understand meStop right where you areEverybody sing along with me!I'm the kind of girl that can treat you so sweetBut you've got to realize That you've got to be sweeter to me, yeahI need loveI need just your love (*) 清晨,我把早餐放在你的桌上確定咖啡已經加了糖和奶精你的蛋已經煎好了,吐司微焦只是少了你的早晨之吻習慣用來問候我的吻如今,你說果汁酸掉了從前卻是那麼甜我無能為力,卻不禁懷疑你說的其實是我我倆不再像以往那樣談心那真是使人痛入心扉我有我的尊嚴我不會哭但卻使我更虛弱我不是你的女超人我不是那種任你糟蹋 還覺得若無其事的女孩男孩,我只是個凡人這個女孩需要的不只是偶爾的擁抱那是你對我的愛的象徵噢!寶貝在塞車時段,我努力的趕路都是為了你而趕回去只想確定說在你回家以前,晚餐已經做好但是,當你回來以後,你卻告訴我你一點都不餓你說寧可看報紙一句話也不想說你一定以為我瘋了當我說你變了我深信我很清楚問題的癥結所在你不再像以前那樣愛我你正經歷一場巨變而且你很不公平我有我的尊嚴我不會哭我依然無能為力,但我很在意噢!寶貝,看看你的心靈角落我永遠為你守候經歷過歡樂與痛苦的時光但我無法成為你想要的女超人我會付出我的愛,永恆的愛如果你能回心轉意啊哈!如果你心有同感你能夠了解我別再執迷不悟因為每個人都站在我這邊我是可以對你很好的那種女孩但你一定要弄清楚你必須對我更好才行我需要愛情我就是需要你的愛歌詞引用自:英文歌曲--superwoman

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago


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