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『work it out』是什麼意思?

『work it out』是什麼意思?


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    work (something) out 是 figure (something) out 的英式英語化

    意思是 "找出" "想出" 解決的方式

    (以下例句來自M. McCarthy/F. O'Dell. "English Phrasal Verbs in Use")

    ~to work out~

    Work out the answers without using a calculator. (意思大意是: 不用計算機來做/算出答案)

    ~to figure out~

    Let's try to figure out how much I owe you. (意思大意是: 讓我們試著算出我是欠你多少錢)

    所以work out是英式英語~跟澳洲和紐西蘭是相通的



    Have you worked it out yet?

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    the Beatles's song -

    "We can work it out!

    We can work it out~"

    anybody knows? ^^

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    work it out 解決它

    應該是這個答案 大約吧

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    盡力想法解決 ---------------

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