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give off 發射 /發散

hold off 延遲/延緩

see oee 送別

think for 思考

keep up 完成

look up to 尊敬/崇拜

close up 集中

pitch off 不精準

lay off 解雇

cut off 切斷/組隔

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    1.The flowers gave off a strange odor.

    2.The director held off the roporters until the actress arrived.

    3.I went to the airport to see my friend off.

    4.What are you thinking for?

    5.Reading newspapers helps us keep up with the times.

    6.Many students un Taiwan look up to Peter for his expertise.

    7.Close your focus up on how to learn English.

    9.Many companies in America are laying off some of their workers because of the recession.

    10.In some place in the world if you are caught stealing , one of you fingers will be cut off.


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