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2.雖然我們已經能預測颱風的路徑,但是每次颱風的來臨總會造成傷亡。(造成傷亡:cause casualties)



謝謝幫我翻的人唷!P.S拜託...不要Chinese English..(淚)要有文法啊...

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    1)At the mention of typhoon, no one does not fear the pouring rain that it brings and the mudslide that follows.

    2)Although we have already canned predict the path of the typhoon, each time the approach of the typhoon is total and will (cause the dead and injured)(cause the casualties).

    3) The common saying says of good, the prevention remains in the treatment.

    4) We prepare in advance more full, the typhoon (causes of injury) (cause casualties) more small.

    以下是chinese englishㄉ

    1.)As soon as mentions the typhoon, nobody is not afraid the torrential rain as well as the following earth stone class which it brings.

    2.) Although we already could forecast the typhoon the way, but each time the typhoon approached the general meeting to cause the casualties.

    3.) As the saying goes, the prevention remains to the treatment.

    4.) We beforehand prepare fully, the typhoon creates the injury is smaller.


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    一提到颱風 When it comes to typhoon,

    俗話說得好 As the saying goes,

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    1.Refering to the typhoon , nobody does not fear it the torrential rain brought and following soil and stone flow.

    2.Though we can already predict the route of the typhoon , the arrival of the typhoon always causes the injuries and deaths each time.

    3.The ones that as the saying goes are good, prevent from remaining treating.

    4.We the more abundantly prepare in advance, the smaller injury what the typhoon causes is.

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