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5 nonverbal communications

5種非口語化的溝通模式 舉例說明"發生的情況"跟"自己的反應"





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    1.written words: memo, e-mail...

    eg: Writing e-mail or stick a memo to someone.

    2. body language: nodding, waving your hand, smiling.shrugged his shoulders,clap their hands, gestures.....etc.

    eg: When agree with someone, you can "nod your head" to response.

    3. drawing, photographs:

    eg:The photographer expressed his feeling to nature through his landscape pictures.

    4. facial expression: sadness, happiness, anger.....

    You can observe a person's emotion by looking at his facial expression.

    5. Attitude, showing passion/indifference.

    when you like someone, you do many things for he or she.

    when you hate someone, you don't speak to him or her.

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    5 kinds are not spoken language way of communication Illustrate " one's own response that the things happened " follows " " with examples

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