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北科材料系是我最嚮往的校系,這次無論是否有幸能推甄上,至少我努力過,且對我來說這是達到目標前的一個過程及難得寶貴的經驗,若是不然,我依然會以 貴系為目標,繼續努力,因為這份讀書計劃書對我來說是永久的,是我努力的方針,所以我會好好加油!

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    My name is Nian-zhu Chen. I was born in Taipei city. I'm 18 years old. I grew up in a sweet family. There are 4 members in my family: father, mother, a cute, lively younger sister and I. My father is a car seller, and my mother is a typical housewife. Since we were little, my parents focused on our education especially, and taught us using every opportunity. They taught us the principles to be a good person, to be polite to elders, to esteem people in our age, to love everyone younger than us, and finally, always to embrace people who come around with open arms and open mind. The faculty of Material in National Taipei University of Technology is the the place I have always yearned for study. No matter whether I will be selected, at least I have worked, and to me, this is the journy before reaching the goal and a very valuable experience, and I will still be persevere to my aim, enrollment of the Material faculty. Because this study plan booklet for me is eternal, my method of hardworking, so I will keep going!

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    My name is Chen Nien Zu. I's a 18 years old boy who was born in Taipei city. I have a really sweet family since my childhood. My family includes both of my parents and a playful lovable younger sister. My father is a car seller and my mother is a typical house wife. Since I was a child, my parents strongly emphasized on the education. They taught us to manage and handle the correct relationship to respect the others, the proper manners to the elder people and be companionate to the youngers. My parents want us to be spacious everytime when we are with the others.

    The materials department of National Taipei University of Technology is my favorite one among all the university departments. It doesn't matter if I could successfully be in this department as long as I tried hard. The most important thing to me is the process and the valuable experience before I reach my goal. If i failed to apply in, I would still try my best to become a member of the materials department of National Taipei University. Because this study plan is perdurable to me and it's my guide to make evey effort. So I would always be hardworking.

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    My name is called Chen Nientsu, I am born to Taibei, this year 18 years old, since childhood grow in a happy family, the family member has the daddy, mother and a lovable lively younger sister, the daddy is a car dealer, mother is a standard housewife. Since childhood, the parents quite take the question which educates, the opportunity training, taught as necessary we make the truth which the person handles matters, to the elder should the completely politeness, the respect which should have to the of the same generation, to the younger generation must the friendly affection, should greet any human sentiment affair at times by the spacious mind. North the branch material department is the school department which I most yearned for, whether this regardless of fortunately can push on Zhen, at least I diligently cross, also to me said this is achieves in front of the goal a process and the rare precious experience, if otherwise, I still can take the expensive department as the goal, continues to try hard, because this share studies the plan book to me to say is permanent, is my diligently policy, therefore I can refuel well!


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