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vic asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

What's ”in the hole”?(MBL)

在線上轉播時看到 "on deck" 和 "in the hole"。Who knows what does "in the hole" mean?如果能解釋這個講法的由來的話更好,謝謝啦~~


To egghead: Thanks for your correct answer, that is exactly what I figured out by the batting order later. But do you know why it is called "in the hole"?

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    on deck 就是你是下一個出賽的

    in the hole 就是你是下一個 on deck 的人

    2005-06-05 16:51:29 補充:

    Because that guy is usually waiting in the dugout, it's a hole, isn't it? :p

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  • 2 decades ago

    1. on the deck

    運動場上, 可解釋為 "準備上塲", 特別指棒球賽上的打者.

    2. in the hole (查網站上, 有三個意思)

    Idiom: in the hole

    (1) Having a score below zero. 得分低於零

    (2) In debt. 負債

    (3) At a disadvantage. 在不利的情況下.

    (4) 還是打高爾夫球, "進球"的意思?

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    2 decades ago

    in the hole, 意思就是.......完蛋了


    he is in the hole



    基本上你假設一個人掉到洞裡面, 你覺得他的情況如何?

    如果我因為開車沒有帶駕照肇事被警察抓, 我就可以自言自語的說....damn, I am in the hole....

    on the deck, 就是.....沒問題

    例如He is on the deck, 就是他很正常, 沒有問題, 好的很.

    Source(s): 自己
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