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you're welcome其他同意詞

請問不客氣一般常用語就是you're welcome嗎,


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    Thank You

    -> No prooblem! (in common situations)

    -> That's nothing (being humble)

    -> It's my pleasure (usually to the ladies)

    -> Sure ~ (random way)

    -> You're welcome(formal way)

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  • 羿晴
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    2 decades ago

    1. no worries(澳洲)

    2. no problem

    3. that's ok

    4. that's alright

    5. don't mention it

    6. the pleasure is all mine(老式英文)

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  • ?
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    Don’t mention it.No problem.Anytime.My pleasure.

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    還有呀! never mind

    my pressure

    It's ok


  • Elsa
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    2 decades ago

    A: Thanks a lot!

    B: No problem.

    A: Thank you!

    B: My pleasure!

    A: Thank you so much!

    B: Any time!

    A: Thanks!

    B: You are very welcome!

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    you can say... no problem

    在美國~大家幾乎都是用no problem

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