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    Today i am going to talk about my cat.His name is Ah D. Why i named it Ah D? It's because i want him to recognise his name as ABCD and it's easy for us to remember his name.

    We adopted Ah D as my pet from my mother's friend. But we only bring him home after three months it's born and just after the ablactation. He is very cute and funny but sometimes is as crosspatch as a child. We treat him like a family and i am happy to have such a cute little "brother". Whenever i am in my room, he will come in and stay inside. There is a big teddy bear in my room which he likes very much and he always lies on it. Sometimes when i am using the computer, he will jump up and stand on my crural part then started to stare at me typing on the keyboard. But there are moments when his curiousity leads him to uses his paw to press on the keyboard when i am typing and that sometimes is really bothersome for me. He likes to chase rolling things but unlike dogs, he won't hold them in his mouth. Sometimes he will act haughtly when you pettle him too much but if he is unattended, he would want me to dandle him.

    I am always looking forward to go home during weekends as i can see him waiting for me at the window every time i go home. According to my mother, Ah D will always wait for my return at the window at specific time. What a cute little pat i have.


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    Today I want to speak my cat, its name calls the 阿 D and is a boy.Why to call its 阿 D?Because at its hour, we want the name that it knows the 阿 the D is it, so just take so and simply.

    After it be born three months and don't need to depend on the breast milk, my mama just from the friend that embraces back, it is lovely and have a little the self-will, but love the 撒驕 very much again.At our house, it is like the son similar receive great favors, and I am also very happy to have the so lovely younger brother.When I again room, it also likes the nest very much in my room, because my room contain its bear doll that loves most, and she likes most to lie the feet in the bear doll, also having to use the computer at me, it will sit on my thigh, seeing my finger on the keyboard the ambulation, it wills feels very unusual and gathers together to press in the keyboard confusion up its cat 掌 , often letting me feel the headache.It likes the thing that would roll over, it will make track for and will not be like the similar 叼 of the dog back however.Sometimes spoil it too, it will show of very proud and don't touch for you, but when you do not realize it, it will dawdle to want you to embrace in your feet side.

    I the each weekend expects to go home very much, coming home because of every time, all seeing to its nest is in the window way.That just knows from my mama, originally on going to fixed time, it will wait for me to go home in the window way side.

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    Today I must speak me the cat, its name is called Arab League D

    moreover is a male student. Why has to call it Arab League D? Because

    of in its hour, we wants it to know Arab League D is its name,

    therefore only then takes is such simple.

    Is born for three months after it also does not need to depend upon

    the female milk, my mother only then hugs from friend that, it is very

    lovable also a little does as one pleases, but likes scattering

    arrogantly very much. In our family, it on equally is favored like the

    son, but I also very happily have the such lovable younger brother.

    When my again room, it also very much likes the nest in my room,

    because my room has the bear baby which it most loves, but she most

    likes lying down in on the bear baby's foot, but also has uses the

    computer when me, it can sit on mine thigh, looked my finger moves on

    the keyboard, it can think very novel gathers up its cat palm randomly

    to press in the keyboard, often lets me feel the headache. It is happy

    the thing which it like to rolls, it can go pursues but cannot equally

    hold in the mouth like the dog. Sometimes too favors it, it can reveal

    is very arrogant but does not trace to you, but when you do not pay

    attention to it, it can rub gently nearby your foot wants you hugs.

    My each weekend anticipates to go home very much, because is each time

    proficient, all looks to its nest in the window. Only then knew from

    my mother that, originally as soon as arrives the fixed time, it can

    wait for me nearby the window to go home.

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