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    An automobile hit the safety island,The passer-by runs goes forward to rescue the vehicle in person。Some woman first arrives the scene,Back but is advanced by another gentleman,talk harshly:「lady,get out of the way,please!I have studied the first aid。」

    That lady looked him a little while,Went forward to pat his shoulder:「Excuse me,If you must look for doctor's speech,I back you。」

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    An automobile knocks the safety island, the passerby runs forward and rescues out the person in the car. A lady reaches the scene at first, but pushed to behind all alone by another man, Li Shag says: ' this lady, please get out of the way! I have studied first aid. ' That lady has seen her for a moment, go forward and pat his shoulder: ' the sorry, looked for the doctor in case you, not here just in I you behind. '

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