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靠鱉翻譯錯段.....麻煩哪位強者 在幫忙翻一下別用翻譯軟體

感情豐富的霍華休斯有過三次婚姻,曾和凱薩琳赫本、艾娃嘉納等好萊塢當紅女星談戀愛,並大力捧紅珍哈露成為國際影星。霍華休斯後來還入主 RKO電影公司,製作過許多膾炙人口的電影,如:【疤面煞星Scarface】、【亡命之徒The Outlaw】、【The Front Page】、【Flying Leathernecks】等。


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    Espressivo Howard Hughes had three marrige. He was also in love with some famous actress in Hollywood, such as Katharine Hepburn, and Ava Gardner etc. . Jean Harlow became a super star by Howard Hughes' help. He bought RKO movie studio and produce many classic movie, such as Scarface, The Outlaw, The Front Page, and Flying Leathernecks etc. .

    In 1939, Howard Hughes took over Trans World Airlines (TWA) and accidently get many experience and result from the military which hasn't been accept by very low price. He first provide the air route across Atlantic Ocean and makes TWA engross the airline market. That makes Howard Hughes become the first millionare in United States

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    the emotional Howard Robard Hughes had married for 3 times.

    he was in love with the famous hollywood stars such as Catherine and eva .

    and he also produced a national super star ms. jane hollow.

    afterwards Hughes controlled RKO , the movie company and produced many famous movies , such as scareface ; the outlaw ; the front page ; flying leathernecks ...etc.

    hughes also saved TWA from finacial crisis and became the owner in 1939.

    accidentally he bought many researches which hadnt been adopted by air force.

    TWA was the 1st airline who offered lines across atlantic ocean, that lift TWA the top of air lines un USA. accordingly , Hughes became the 1st millionare in the states.

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