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    At/on/in (時間)

    in +早上、下午、晚上 ex: in the morning

    in + 一段較長的時間連用 (如:months/years/seasons)

    ex: in April ; in 1968 ; in the 18th century

    in + 一段時間表示未來某一時間

    ex: in six months time.

    in 也可用來表示做某事所花的時間

    I learned to drive in four weeks.

    at +幾點鐘(與時間連用) ex: at 11:45

    on + 星期幾 (與日期連用) ex: on March 12th ; on Firday

    在last 和next之前,不用at/on/in

    At/on/in (位置)

    某人在某個節目活動中 ex: at a party/ at a concert

    in或at 和學院或學校連用; 當你把學院或學校當作一個地方,或是提到學院或學校名稱時,便使用 at college 或 at school.

    我們通常將in 或 at 和建築物連用;可以stay in a hotel 或 at a hotel .

    當我們說某事在某處發生時,可以用at 來表示

    ex: 1.we went to a concert at the Arts Center. some's house


    The rooms in Tom's house are very small.


    Tom's parents live in St.Louis.


    Do you know if this train stops at Taipei.

    arrive IN a country or town

    When did he arrive in Japan?

    arrive AT+ 地點(或事件)

    What time did he arrive at school?

    arrive home(不須加介系詞)

    When did he arrive home?

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    in 是長時間(in the evening 在傍晚)

    on 短時間.特定日(on weekend 在週末)

    at 時間(at home 在家裡)

    我之前也會搞錯~不過知道後 就不會搞錯囉~︿︿

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