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請翻得文意通順 ,不要用翻譯軟體,翻譯軟體翻出來會很怪^^||| 最好能一句句翻





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    Saw a book"the answer of the life, the water knows" recently, this book the author introduced the machine of"the copy information water supply" to go to Japan from the United States, the development offers for sale the water that the patient drank to accept"the information copy" to recover unique therapy of the health body.This kind of think the water will remember and deliver the information of therapy is not approved by the medical science field completely.The author consider,observe,study the water continuously for proving this kind of ability of the water

    The human body is average 70%BE constituted by the water.The person is all the appearance that lives in the water through his entire life under.Want to own the life of the healthy happiness, as long as occupy the human body 70%of the water was clean and then liked.The healthy condition shines the person of the red light, most likely is all the water in the body, is also a blood to condense with the result that.This and the mankind's affection obstruction is germane.The recent years medical science has already confirmed, the mental appearance will influence the body.When the affection flows smoothly, feeling the happy ocean overflow, the body is natural immediately healthily.The person is constituted by the water of, as long as know water is what, can untie the person's essence then, thus know the meaning that the mankind exist.

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