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    Since convenience stores become popular, it eliminate traditional grocery stores through the competition. The succeed factors are based on it's wide range of products and 24 hours service. However, before convenience stores were established, there were no shops which are well-lit and clean than convenience stores. In addition, that is also one of many succeed factors, which made convenience store succesful.

    Nowadays, the competitors in the competition are those firms in the same industry. Therefore, the standard of sanitary is becoming higher and higher.

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    哪個翻譯軟體可以跟我翻的一樣的話 我沒話說

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    痾~~一看就知道第一位和第三位是亂寫的! 然後給第二位的意見是 你寫的還不錯 只是你的字有點累贅, 像你可以直接說in nowadays society不需要多加this. 然後你也不可以用enemy這個字來形容勁敵!你應該要用competitors 給第四位: 大致上你寫的都還不錯 我也不知該說什麼 因為澳洲留學生!

    我是讀行銷學的 這種文章我看多了 然後我看的都是原文書 所以你們的文章基本上我都看的懂! 也同意發問人: blue~way的說法 有幾個人是亂翻的

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    The popularity of convenient stores eliminated conventional grocery stores.  The reasons for this success include the plurality of merchandise and the convenience of being available 24 hours a day.  But those grocery stores preceding convenient stores did not make themselves clean and bright.  This turns out to be one of the key factors that convenient stores succeeded.Today, convenient stores' competitors are their peer stores.  The need to maintain cleanness is therefore getting more and more demanding.

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    澳洲留學ㄉ朋友 我知道你是自己翻ㄉ啦 我只是說有1.2ㄍ網友是用翻譯程式翻ㄉ 我還要再參考一下 謝謝啦

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    Convenience store of rising, eliminated the traditional sundries store.Although the successful reason is attributed to abundant sex of the merchandise and the convenience that does business for 24 hours, however at convenience store appear before of all shop fronts, all have no clean brightness of convenience store, this is also one of the successful factors of the convenience store.

    Is in the society of present particularly, the redoubtable enemy of the convenience store is a same trade.So sweep the aspect to request the level also higher and higher.

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    The Rising of the convenient stores have beaten the traditional groceries. The main point of success is the convenience of 24hr open, and of it's cleaness which groceries don't have.

    Especially in this nowaday society, the enemy of Convenient store is themselves. So the cleaness is growing higher, and higher.

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    Convenience shop's rise abruptly, wash out traditional grocery. Successful cause though owe to in commodity's rich and 24 hours business' convenience sex, however appear the former all storefront at convenience shop, all have no convenience shop's clean bright, this is convenience shop successful factor one of the too.

    Is society nowadays especially, convenience shop's powerful enemy is fellow trader. So is clean aspect's request level higher and higher too.

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