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Norah Jones 歌詞

有人可以提供Norah Jones 的 " New York City" 和 "Deceptively Yours"這兩首歌的歌詞嗎?


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    給您一個歌詞網頁. 裡邊有許多諾拉瓊斯的歌詞

    您問的這兩首歌 都是出自諾拉的紐約 這張專輯。

    Norah Jones 的 " New York City"



    I can't remember what I planned tomorrow

    I can't remember when it's time to go

    When I look in the mirror

    Tracing lines with a pencil

    I remember what came before

    I wanted to think there was endless love

    Until I saw the light dim in your eyes

    In the dead of the night I found out

    Sometimes there's love that won't survive

    New York City

    Such a beautiful disease

    New York City

    Such a beautiful,

    Such a beautiful disease

    Laura kept all her disappointments

    Locked up in a box behind her closet door

    She pulled the blinds and listened to the thunder

    With no way out from the family store

    We all told her things could get better

    When you just say goodbye

    I'll lay awake one more night

    Caught in a vision I want to deny

    And did I mention the note that I found

    Taped to my locked front door

    It talked about no regrets

    As it slipped from my hand to the scuffed tile floor

    I rode the train for hours on end

    And watched the people pass me by

    It could be that it has no end

    Just an action junkie's lullaby

    New York City

    We were full of the stuff that every dream rested

    As if floating on a lumpy pillow sky

    Caught up in the whole illusion

    That dreams never pass us by

    Came to a tattoed conclusion

    That the big one was knocking on the door

    What started as a mass delusion

    Would take me far from the place I adore

    New York City

    ************* 我是分隔線 ******************

    Deceptively Yours

    歌詞網頁 -

    視聽網頁 -

    I couldn't make a change

    I might have known you had found

    Another love

    I sat at home all night

    Bask in the lonely pale

    Of my bedstand light

    But through a tear in a curtain

    In a cheap motel

    I saw with jealous eyes

    You made the call to lie

    Deceptively yours

    I saw a black cloud

    I didn't hear a sound

    Only the shell on the ground

    There was a scream somewhere

    In the thick night air

    I put the pedal down

    As the sirens wailed

    And I sat alone and prayed

    Not knowing what was to come

    Through a tear in a curtain

    In a cheap motel

    I saw with jealous eyes

    You made the call to lie

    Deceptively yours

    I tried not to believe

    The scene that I could see

    It felt like days passed by

    Before I turned away

    I felt a dizzy sway

    And the gun in my hand

    Stood before a judge

    He cleared his throat to say

    "I won't give you no bail"

    Schackled with chains and love

    I knew that I had bought

    My own coffin nails

    I hear your sweet voice calling out my name

    As I stare from a six foot cell

    And from beyond I heard the words

    Deceptively yours

    Source(s): google 直接打歌名+lyrics
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