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Should women work?(以下的文章是請教知識網友寫的,請有空的人幫我看看有沒有不太順的地方)

The question is not very realistic. Many households do not even have an option due to financial pressures. Therefore, I believe the answer to this question should be decided depending on the household's situation. On the other hand, which woman does not want to live a comfortable life? If I were to decide, I would be glad to stay home. I believe it is the man's responsibility to support the family. If not, then he should not drag the family down with him. Also, women are more careful when handling the house work. Occasionally, women can get a part-time job to have some extra money in their own pockets. I think life like this will be great! Despite all that, women still have their rights to follow their dreams. As long as they have discussed the issues with their husbands, and they can take care of both their families and careers. There is no need to sacrifice. They can still be themselves.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    dreadful... I lost my interest in reading further from the first sentence.

    2005-05-31 11:14:28 補充:

    I'm not a woman, so it's difficult for me to capture that raging emotion every "biatch" has (I admit I'm very sexist, but I'm sexy too), especially when I am writing something contradictory to my belief - allowing the Woman's Rights Movement was the biggest mistake men (all human-beings) ever made.


    ___________________________Her Own Woman___________________________

    Following the Woman's Rights Movement in the 1850s, women everywhere began to see themselves not as possessions of their father or husband but as persons with intellectual, and occasionally physical, equals to men. In the technological age of the 21st Century, women can be seen in all spectrum of the working class - from President <Pussy of Somecountry> to female heavy-machinery operators on the street. Women have demonstrated their potential, their strength, and their rage to outwin men. Every woman, with her unique blend of knowledge and sensitivity, can do anything she wishes to pursue. The sky is no limit to these brave soldiers defending their rights as women.

    <--- Topic sentence: Women have demonstrated their potential, their strength, and their rage to outwin men. -->

    Developt further their potential. ____________________________________________

    Developt further their strength. ____________________________________________

    And so on... ___________________________________________________________


    Do your own research (because it seems you don't know much). Unless you are an expert in the area and writing an informative essay, you cannot start from sketch and "imagine" everything in your head.

    P.S. Never say anything cleche like "the sky is the limit," but rather twists to old sayings.

    2005-05-31 13:19:31 補充:

    I see some "biatch" raging from ...sun.

    that's the rage I lack.


    advice to ...sun:

    think before opening your mouth. your breath stinks.

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    "我"先生 基本上只要不是我想要的東西我是看都不會去看的 所以我也不希望你攻擊任何人

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  • 2 decades ago

    首先應該要有個 主題句 (topic sentence) 讓讀者一開頭就知道全文的主旨

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago


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