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autobiography v.s. biography

What is the advantages of an autobiography over a biography?

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    "Autobiography particularly raises the issue of how to link 'privately based experiences to more 'publicly' based forms of knowledge and understanding." TypeMode of OperationPotentialsPitfallsNon-assessedLearning diariesProvide students with the confidence to write autobiographically by building up skills over timeA student's willingness to work on something that does not contribute to the final markStudents choose elements to be assessed, eg 4 out of 12 piecesLearning response papers (possibility for the submission of one non-assessed first piece)Students can critically reflect on what constitutes their 'best' work. Draws on the student's learning experience and/or drawing on person experience to illustrate theoretical understandingPossibility that the student will only do the necessary minimum prior to submission, ie, adopt a "surface approach" to a "deep learning" methodologyIndividual piece for submission and marked by tutorAutobiographical essay, portfolio of learning experienceEnables the linking of the experiential to the theoretical over an expansive piece of writingIf specific guidelines are not given, engagement with the sociological aspect of the assignment may not occurSelf-assessmentEither on an individual or group project/seminar, students are given the opportunity for their own reflections on the work, including for example, their own assessment of its strengths and weaknessesProvides the opportunity for students to reflect critically on thier work, which should facilitate discussions at the time of tutor feedbackAssessment overload. As with the case of learning diaries, any follow-up to an assignment can be judged as just 'additional work' on the part of the studentAn assignment marked by tutor and peersGroup seminar/presentation, group projectStudents feel in control of their learning experienceNeeds good attendance to be effective: perhaps award 10% for attendance?  

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    Autobiography ===> 自己寫的自傳

    Biography ===> 別人幫你寫的

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