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There years later, an event took place that almost led to the end of Bridge.The storefront was torched by five teenagers who, spurred on by alcohol, had been looking for a thrill on Saturday night . the event was a critical turning point in the organization's history, but ironically, it soon seemed a blessing in disguise. A reporter from a national news magazine visited the burned-out office; interviewed Jim, Sharon, Sam, and their clients ; and wrote a heartrending story about Bridge's wonderful track record with the truly disenfranchised; he also talked about the organization's imminent demise. Within two months, an outpouring of donations from all over the country provided enough resources for the founders to buy a building, equip it with real furniture, hire a secretary, and most important, put a fully licensed psychologist on the staff, which would allow Bridge to be eligible for third-party payments and grants. It seemed like a dream come true.

In the next four years, Bridge changed dramatically. The three young founders all finished graduate school. their story, which had become a legend in the funding community, helped Bridge become a designated agency in many communitywide appeals. With more money came growth. The organization moved once again, this time to a nicer neighborhood. All of the counseling sessions were now in private offices and there was a pleasant, large waiting area. Psychologists and counselors did not have to interrupt their sessions to answer the phone; the two secretary-receptionists did that for them. Because Jim, Sharon, and Sam were often meeting with funders and public officials. they wore nice clothes to work. They were now fully licensed professionals and gone were the days when they had to worry about painting or carpentry.

But something else was changing at the same time. The client base was shifting. Instead of the elderly urban poor and the pregnant teenagers with virtually nowhere to turn, Bridge found itself serving a more affluent group of working people and housewives. Many of the new clients came in from the suburbs or from their places of work for their counseling sessions. But the old clients, the people for whom Bridge was established, were not coming, and the staff began to worry. Try as they did, they could not figure out how to reverse the trend. On the tenth anniversary of Bridge, the reporter who had done the original story on the organization returned to do a flashback feature. He came with a photographer and the two spent a morning at the new office, but the story never appeared. According to rumors, the magazine had decided that Bridge no longer made good copy.

Why did Bridge's original clients stop coming? Why did the organization no longer make good copy? The answer is simple. Bridge had changed in ways that significantly affected the original clients' beliefs, ideas, and impressions of it. To these clients, the first incarnation of the organization had hardly seemed like an organization at all. their image of Bridge was of three young people, seemingly without pretense, dressed like people they knew, working out of a storefront in their neighborhood. The clients could sympathize with these young people who seemed to be struggling almost as much as they were. Indeed, the whole environment of Bridge was comfort-able-not necessarily for Jim, Sharon, and Sam, and not necessarily for their potential funders, but for the clients they were serving. Bridge's image suggested safety, human warmth, openness, and friendship. There was a sense that everyone understood one another.

Over time, Bridge's image changed. When the office moved, old clients felt abandoned. The move seemed to suggest that the old neighborhood was really no good after all. But that was not the full extent of the image problem. When old clients did travel to the new office, they no longer had direct access to Jim, Sharon, and Sam. Instead, there were two strangers

receptionists with a kind of official demeanor who greeted them in a waiting room that seemed cold and sterile. After getting inside the counselors' offices, another message was clearly conveyed. "You old clients are still failures, but we have made it. Look at our fancy clothes. Remember those silly orange crates and doors we used for desks? Well, look at our expensive furniture." The new image said to the old clients, "We really don't care about you anymore. We have more pressing things to do and think about. We are part of the establishment. You aren't important and we are."

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    數年之後在那裡,一個事件發生以為目的橋幾乎引導。 店頭被縱火五個青少年,刺激在被之上酒,已經在星期六夜晚找尋一陣震顫。事件是組織的歷史的一個重要的轉捩點,但是諷刺地,它很快似乎假面目的祝福。來自一本國家的新聞雜誌的一位記者拜訪了燒壞的辦公室; 接見了吉姆,雪倫,山姆 , 和他們的客戶; 而且關於橋的令人驚奇的記錄寫了一個令人心碎的故事由於那真實地剝奪的權利; 他也談論組織的即將發生的終止。在二個月內,一個捐贈物的流出從在全國家為創辦人提供充足的資源買一棟建築物,用真正的家具裝備它,雇請一位祕書,和最重要的,被把一個完全有執照的心理學者放在的職員,這將會讓橋是第三者付款和授與的有資格者。 它像一個夢被實現。在未來的四年中,橋戲劇性地改變。 三個年輕的創辦人全部完成了研究所。 已經變得資金社區的一個傳說的他們故事幫助以橋連接變得許多 communitywide 訴願的被指定的代理。 與更多的錢來生長。 組織再一次移動,這次到更好的鄰近地區。 所有的商議會議現在是在私人的辦公室中而且有一個愉快的,大候補區域。 心理學者和顧問不一定要打斷他們的會議接電話;二位祕書-接待員為他們做了那。 因為吉姆,雪倫和山姆時常正在和 funders 和公眾的官員見面。 他們穿著了美好的衣服工作。 他們現在是完全有執照的專業人士而且去是那每天當他們必須為畫或木匠業擔憂的時候。 但是別的東西正在同時改變。 客戶基礎正在改變。 代替老年人都市的貧窮和懷孕的青少年由於事實上無處轉,橋找到它本身服務一個更多的豐富群體的工作人和家庭主婦。 許多新的客戶對於他們商議會議從市郊或他們的工作地方進來。 但是老客戶,橋被建立的人,不即將來,和職員開始煩惱嗎。 當他們做的時候,試,他們無法理解該如何顛倒趨勢。 在第十個週年的橋上,已經做在組織上的最初的故事記者回到做一個倒敘特徵。 他和一個攝影師一起來和那二在新的辦公室度過一個早晨,但是故事從不出現。 依照謠言,雜誌已經不再決定那一座橋作了好副本。 橋的最初客戶為什麼停止來? 組織為什麼不再作好副本? 答案很簡單。 橋已經在方法中改變以重要地影響了最初的客戶它信念,想法和印象。 對這些客戶,第一組織的化身剛剛已經沒有像在全部的一個組織。 他們的橋影像是三個年輕的人,表面上地沒有藉口,穿著他們知道的相似的人,在他們的鄰近地區中的一個店頭的想出。 客戶可以和這些年輕的人同情似乎幾乎奮鬥如很多當做他們是。的確,橋的整個環境是安慰-聰明的-不必然地對於吉姆,雪倫和山姆,而且不必然地對於他們的可能 funders ,要不是他們正在服務的客戶。橋的影像意味著了安全,人類溫暖,開放和友誼。 有一個每個人了解彼此的感覺。隨著時間的過去,橋的影像改變。 當辦公室移動的時候,老客戶覺得墮落。移動似乎意味著舊的鄰近地區是在全部後的真的沒有好處。 但是形象問題的總程度不是。 當老客戶做了到新的辦公室的旅行時候,他們不再有直接的接觸吉姆,雪倫和山姆。 相反的,有二個陌生人在一個候車室中歡迎他們以似乎很寒冷的和不孕的由於一種官方的態度接待員。 在進入顧問的辦公室之後,另一個訊息清楚地被傳達。 ”你老客戶靜止的是失敗,但是我們已經做到。 看我們的想像衣服。 記得那些愚蠢的橘色板條箱和門我們為書桌使用? 好吧,看我們的貴家具。" 新的影像對老客戶說 ",我們真的不再關心你。 我們已經比較緊迫的事物做而且想。 我們是建立的部份。 你不重要,而且我們是。

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