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From a marketing point of view, students were not the only constituency whose needs had to be addressed if Abbott was to be successful. Other groups included:

Parents. It was parents, after all, who chose send their children to the school, judged whether the amount of tuition they were asked to pay was reasonable, and adcided whether they might wish to contribute an additional amount voluntarily. Yet, Abbott actively discouraged parents from visiting (except when parents were summoned to a conference with a teacher or the headmaster). The school had no parents support organization and offered No social events for them. Many parents felt isolated from the school and wondered whether they or their children, they never actually complained to the faculty, trustees, or headmaster that they did not feel a part of school family

College representives. It was college admissions officers and other officials who decided whether to admit Abbott Academy applicants and , in effect, determined Abbott's reputation as a college preparatory school. Yet, little was done to cultivate this constituency. Mr. Abbott had maintained good contacts at a few Ivy League schools during his tenure. However, Once he retired, no new bonds were forged. Furthermore,Abbott Academy had had little or no contact with representatives of "lesser" schools who were given the impression that their campuses were being used for safety applications by the Abbott students. As Abbott students cast a wider and wider net in their applications to colleges, the lack of a strong college network should have become increasingly obvious

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    從銷售觀點中,學生並非唯一全體選民誰的需要必須被寄給成功阿博特。 其他組包括︰

    父母。 是父母,終究,選擇送他們的孩子到學校, 判斷是否他們被要求支付的學費的數量是合理的,以及adcided 是否他們可能希望自願拿出附加金額。 然而,(除了父母被召喚到一次會議與一名教師或者校長的時候),阿博特積極阻止父母訪問。 沒有的學校父母支持組織並且為他們沒有提供社會事件。 很多父母感到與這所學校隔離並且想知道是否他們還是他們的孩子, 他們從未竟然向他們不感到學校家庭的一部分的才能,受托人或者校長抱怨

    representives 學院。 是學院招生負責人和其他官員, 決定是否承認阿博特高等學校申請人和實際上,確定阿博特的名聲作為一個大學預備學校。 然而,小被做培養這全體選民。 阿博特先生在他的使用期限在一些常青藤聯合會學校已經保持好接觸。 不過,一旦他退休,沒有新債券被鍛造。 而且,阿博特高等學校有幾乎沒有與的聯繫代表" 較小" 被給他們的大學校園正用於阿博特學生的安全應用的印象的學校。 因為阿博特學生在對學院的他們的申請過程中投一張更寬和更寬的網,缺乏一個強大的學院網路本應變得越來越明顯

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