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    這是 good 的英文翻譯(問題是:你分的出來嗎?)

    At every summer break Bill's family has a customary vacation. Last year was no exception. While Bill's family were discussing where to visit, Sam suddenly brought up that, during their visit at Bod's family, Bod's family had told them of the happy time they had at the Mystery Farm and how nice the owner was, but they started crying when talking about it. Reminded of this, Bill's family decided to start for Bod's Mystery Farm for a two-week vacation on the first night of the summer break.



    The trip to the farm didn't take long. Upon arriving, Bill's family was greeted by the owner's family. Seeing that Bill also had a family, the owner, Eric, gave Bill's family a warm welcome. Eric treated Bill's family as if his own. He invited everyone to a fire camp under the beautiful starry night. They chatted, laughed, and had a good time together.

    The next morning had a nice sunny weather. Eric accompanied the kids Sam and John to play in the farm. They first fed the hens, went horse riding, then lead the horses to feed on the grass fields and enjoy the views. After they ate lunch prepared by Eric, Eric asked Sam and John for chess games. Sam remembered that his cousin Mary told him "the farm owner is a very good chess player, and he teaches chess well." As a matter of fact, Sam and John lost many times to Eric, not because Eric was a grown-up, but because he was very good. As a result, Sam and John learned many new strategies.



    In the days that followed, they also visited the surrounding. Until the day to return home, they thought about staying more than they missed home because their stay had been free and easy, like they were in a paradise. When the time to return came, everyone was reluctant to depart.

    The beautiful vacation remined to be Sam's best memory. Now Sam is a bit grown up, he realized why Mary cried when she recounted her memory at the farm. Who would have known that a memory so beautful can brings us so much sorrow?

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