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    accident :

    1. Event that happens unexpectedly and causes damage, injury, etc.--- 指事故,意外,不測, 橫禍等,一般指不好的事.

    2. Chance; fortune---機遇;命運;造化等.

    incident :

    1. Event or happening, often of minor importance---指事情,發生的事,尤指小事.

    2. Hostile military activity between countries, opposing forces, ect.---指國際間或敵對力量之間的敵對行動,軍事衝突等

    3.Public disturbance, accident or violence---騷亂;事故;暴力事件.

    看到兩者之間的不同了嗎,事實上, 只有incident的第三個解釋和 accident的第一個解釋比較相同,但incident是指公共上的事件而 accident可以是指私人的事件.

    根據 The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus 這本字典

    accident 的第一解的同義字有: casualty, misadventure, mischance, misshap等字

    第二解的同義字有: chance, fortuity, hap, luck 等字

    incident的第三解同義字有: occurrence, event, circumstance, eposide, happening, occasion, thing 等字

    Source(s): my brain and my dictionary
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    An "incident" refers to an event which has taken place. This event could be good, or bad, and could be deliberate, or could have happened by chance. We usually say "incident" about an event which differs from the normal situation.

    2005-05-28 19:29:56 補充:

    On the other hand, an "accident" is usually a bad event, and happens by chance. For example, a car crash is always a bad event, and is not caused deliberately, so we can call it an accident.

    2005-05-28 19:30:07 補充:

    ″Incident″ has a broader meaning than "accident", so all accidents are incidents, but not all incidents are accidents.


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    A series of happy accidents led to his promotion.


    an international incident

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    accident 是指 災害. 事故

    而 incident 是伴隨而來的災害

    Source(s): 奇摩
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