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thing of you

請問夏日的麼麼茶裡"thing of you"這首歌是誰唱的




有一句是 "I thing of you 不能忘記你"

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    歌名:i'm thinking of you - n'sync -


    n'sync - thinking of you

    lying in your arms

    so close together

    didn't know just what i had

    now i toss and turn

    cause i'm without you

    how i'm missingyou so bad

    where was my head

    where was my heart

    now i cry alone in the dark

    i lay awake

    i drive myself crazy

    drive myself crazy

    thingking of you

    made a mistake

    when i let you go baby

    i drive myself crazy

    wanting you the way that i do

    i was such a fool

    i couldn't see it

    just how good you were tome

    you confessed your love

    undying devotion

    i confessed my need to be free

    and now i'n left

    with all this pain

    i've only got

    mysilf to blame

    why didn't i know it

    (how much i loved you baby)

    why couldn't i show it

    (if i had only told you )

    when i had the chance

    oh i hand the chance

    <by lttong>


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