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    Yamaha: the buying ability of 七年級 today is higher than in the past, and for young people motorcycle is an affordable commodity. Thus, Yamaha turns to young styles, using brand name and celebrity singers to penentrate into schools and to test the student market.

    不知道 七年級 是幾歲...

    如果是 20~30 就寫 people in their twenties

    如果是 13~19 就寫 adolescents

    如果是 18~25 就寫 young adults

    KYMCO:Kymco has a better position on price. Because Kymco doesn't use as many Japanes technologies as Yamaha does, and because Kymco doesn't have any celebrity spokesperson, it marks down its price and rolls out a back-to-school discount event at the start of school years.

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    Strategies to penetrate the market:Yamaha: Buying ability for youngsters in their twenties has improved as compared to previous years.  Motorbikes is relatively an affordable commodity for youngsters in this age group.  Yamaha therefore paints its product images as youngster's companion by utilizing pop stars promoting products on campus, grabing the student market.KYMCO: KYMCO is better positioned in price wars.  Unlike Yamaha, KYMCO has less Japanese technical back-up expenses and is not utilizing pop stars for promotion activities.  KYMCO keeps the cost low his way and is able to actively engage in Back-to-School price promotions each year.

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