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你一定要去旗津 (Chijin)玩玩,可以坐渡輪、吃海鮮、吃超大碗公的冰。絕對不虛此行!

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    you must go to chijin sometime, there, you can take ferries(or ferry boats),eat some seafood, and try the local icy dessert which is well-known for it's extraordinary huge potion. It will be somewhere that you'll never regrat for going.沒有完全照字面上去翻譯,但是大意依樣,我的翻譯是:你一定得去旗津玩玩,在那,你可以搭乘渡船,吃些海鮮,以及試試當地以"大"聞名的冰,會是個不會令你後悔的地方

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    You must visit Chijin. You could ride ferries, eat seafood, and super-sized shave ice. This trip is definitely worth it.

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    You must go to chijin sometime. There you can take

    ferries (or boats), eat seafood, and try the

    local icy dessert which is well-known for it's huge portion. This will be a place that would be worthwhile to visit.

    Corrected by my 7th grade daughter (USA).

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    You must take some time to visit Chijun. You could take the ferry, enjoy sea food and have a big bowl of ice cream there. It definitely will be an unforgettable trip.

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    You must go to Chijin to take the ferry, eat fresh seafood and extra large bowl of crashed ice. You will find it is unforgettable.

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    You must go to flag Tianjin (Chijin ) to play , can take the ferryboat , take the seafood , take the common ice of the bowl oversize .

    Have a worthwhile trip definitely!

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    你一定要去旗津 (Chijin)玩玩

    You must go Chijin for fun.


    There you can go boating, enjoy seafood and have a big-bowl ice.


    It will be a worthwhile trip.

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