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    風雨過後 詞曲 : 雪菱

    人生的路 總是曲曲折折 讓人難捉摸

    時間難回 遺憾和傷心淚

    失去的痛沒有你的傷悲 一陣陣刺痛胸口舊的傷

    前方的路看來崎嶇不平 是否有勇氣繼續走下去

    風雨過後重拾希望的心 你的聲音支持我走下去

    一遍一遍喚醒我失望的靈魂 一次一次告訴我決不放棄

    風雨過後雖然你已不在 你的生命會隨我繼續存在

    一天一天拼起我破碎的夢 往後的日子會有勇氣面對


    When the Storm Ends By: Shirley

    Is it destined? Why has everything gone out of our control?

    Time can't reverse, sorrow and rolling tears

    Hard to let go, pain of losing it all

    Keeps on haunting the wound deep in my heart

    The path that I see, full of mountains to climb

    Do we have courage and strength to carry on?

    When the storm ends seek a hopeful heart

    I hear your voice being here with me

    Repeatedly it wakes my tearing soul

    Again and again told me not to give up

    When the storm ends though you're not around

    Your life will continue here with me

    Day after day I'll piece up my broken dream

    In future days we will have courage to face, when the storm ends

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