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what does made-to-order mean?

The world's two largest made-to-order chip makers are TSMC and UMC.


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    made-to-order是 "代工" TSMC (臺積電)和 UMC(聯電) 是世界最大的晶圓代工廠

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    made-to-order = custom made = 訂做的... 訂做的... 訂做的... 訂做的...

    GET IT?


    Dell is known for its made-to-order policy...

    2005-05-24 06:44:22 補充:

    you're hopeless, simply hopeless...

    there's more than subtle difference between "代工" and "訂做."

    "Made-to-order" modifies chip, 訂做的 chip!!!!!

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