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紅豆 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago




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    2 decades ago
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    A.Hi, what a surprise, what are you doing here?B. I just got back from Singapore for business trip. A. How was it?B. It went well for the business. A. How was the weather there?B. Very hot, even hotter than in Taiwan.A. Unbelievable! I was lucky to go to LA for two weeks to visit my clients there.B. Well, nice, it’s cooler there, isn’t it?A. Indeed, sunny and cool air, I love it.B. Did you have chance to tour around?A. Of course, I went to the Disneyland, took many pictures.B. I wish I were thereA. I also went shopping, see how heavy my luggage is.B. What did you buy?A. Just about everything.B. Oh, I see my colleagues are there to pick me up.A. Give me a call while you have time.B. Sure, take care.A. Byebye喲好意外﹐怎麼在這遇見你我剛剛從新加坡出差回來怎麼樣啊公事還算順利啦那裡天氣如何熱的不得了﹐比台灣還熱呢不可思議﹐還好我走運去洛杉磯兩周探訪客戶噢﹐真好﹗那裡真的比較涼爽﹐是不是啊﹖真的﹐涼爽的艷陽天﹐我愛死了你有沒有空去哪裡逛逛啊﹖當然嘍﹐我去了迪斯奈樂園﹐拍了很多照片我也想去呢我還去血拼看行李這重的買了些甚麼呢﹖甚麼都有啦我的同事來接我了有空打電話給我好保重再見

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