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    1. Hi, I like this electric guitar very much, but i am living in Taiwan. Can I still purchase it? If yes, how should I pay for the guitar, and regarding to the transportation charges, how much will that be? Also, may I know where this electric guitar is made. By the way, are the acoustic plugs working normally? Thank You.

    2.Would you sell me the guitar at US$XX including the transportation fees? Thanks.


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    1,Hi, I like your electronic guitar very much, but I live in Taiwan and I was wondering if I can purchase it from you?

    If it is possible, can you tell you how can I make the payment , also what's the shipping cost?

    Can you also tell me that where was this guitar made? Is everything still in working order, amplify for example? Thank you!

    2,Is it possible if I offer you USD xx dolars including shipping cost? Thanks!!

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    1. Hi there.

    I'm so keen on purchasing this electric guitar. As I live in Taiwan, I just wonder if I could buy this from you.

    If this is possible, how do I make a payment to you? how much do you charge for freight? where was this electric guitar made? Is this guitar in good condition?

    2. Is it possible to buy this at US$XXX including freight?

    Thank you and please give me a reply.

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    Hello! I like the guitar very much. But may I buy it, if I live in Tasiwan?

    If yes, how to pay the money for the guitar?

    And how much is the freight?

    Please kindly inform where it is made.

    Whether all the function of the guitar is working well?

    Please kindly confirm if the price, US$XXX including freight, is accepted to you or not?


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    1.Hello ~ I like this electric guitar very much,But I live in Taiwan,May purchase?If may,Asked how pays money,How much money also has the transport expense to need?Asked where this is makes the electric guitar?The acoustic pickup is all normal?Thank you

    2.Asked contains a transport expense XX dollar to be allowed to sell to

    me?Thanks ~!

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