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    Information Technology has been developing rapidly. The combination of design and computer technology also appears significant. Even with outstanding software, it’s not possible to give scope to the information technology without an efficient system and well-designed user interface. I have absolute confidence to develop an outstanding interface and combines computer technology with operational design. I continue self-development and learning, combine practical and theoretical aspects, make myself an integrated information design expert.

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    The hope is own words, don't want the program or the web page translation~~thanks oh~~~

    In recent years the development of the information is quick rather, design and computer science and technology of the combination is to seem to be importance, because of again good software, again efficient system, did not design the good user interface, or can't develop the flourishing effect of the information science and technology, operate for the design design and computer science and technology of combine, oneself's hasing the absolute confidence can develop to study of rather good, ego of work hard continuously, is filled with the interest to learn continuously, and the theories and actual situation combine together, training the oneself to become an excellent information design to integrate the talented person.

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