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要詳細說明 例如基本資料 有什麼功用 是如何執行 如何計畫 如何部署

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    "China has acquired some unknown number of the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) Harpy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in 1994. The deal was not revealed until late 2004, when Washington was reported to have pressured the Israeli government to ‘roll back’ its defence relations with China. According to the reports, the U.S. intelligence spotted the PLA deploying Harpy UAV in its joint exercise held near the Taiwan Strait in 2004.

    The Harpy UAV is a unique weapon system with features of both UAV and cruise missile. The system is designed to detect, attack and destroy enemy radar. Launched from ground vehicle or surface ship far away from the battle zone, the UAV flies autonomously to the patrol area. The UAV’s radar seeker constantly seach for hostile radar signal. Once the enemy radar is detected, the system can automatically compare the signal with its database and prioritise the threat of the target. Once the enemy radar is verified, the UAV make a near vertical dive to the target and destroy it with its high explosive warhead. The warhead is set to detonate just above the target to maximise the damage. The smart UAV can also abort the attack and continue loitering if enemy radar signal disappears during the attack.

    The PLA has reportedly returned some of its Harpy UAVs back to Israel in 2004 to be upgraded with new seekers that enable visual identification and attack of target even after the enemy radar emitter is turned off. This would further enhance the PLA’s capabilities in UAV and anti-radiation warfare. China may also uses the Harpy technology to improve the performance of its own designs.


    Length: 2.1m

    Wingspan: 2.7m

    Weight: 135kg

    Range: 500km"

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    Only some Harpy been taken away, not all.

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    HARPY無人載具 已經被 以色列 "沒收了"

    所以 中國 已經無此項 武器了

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    α♂ 幫忙回答阿

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    在1994年 中國獲得了未知數量的 Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI)[公司名: 以色列航空集團 ]製 無人飛行載具(UAV) 這項交易直到2004年才被揭發 當華盛頓對以色列施加壓力 使其冷卻和中國的關係(指無防衛心理) 根據報導 美國的情報跟蹤到 人民解放軍在2004年 使用Harpy UAV 在台灣海峽附近演習

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    Harpy UAV 是一項特殊的武器系統 它有UAV和 巡弋飛彈 的特點 這個系統用來 偵察 攻擊 毀壞 敵人的雷達系統 從遠離戰場的地面載具或海面船隻發射Harpy UAV 將自動飛往定點巡邏 它的尋標器 將持續地搜尋敵方雷達的訊號 一但敵人的雷達被探測到 系統將會比較來源訊號和資料庫裡的資料 並且設定目標 一但確定為敵方雷達 UAV 將以接近垂直的路徑衝向目標 並且使用其高爆彈頭摧毀目標

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    這個彈頭設定在目標上方引爆 以求最大的破壞效果 聰明的UAV 也可以中斷攻擊 繼續保持巡航狀態 當敵方的雷達訊號突然消失

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    人民解放軍 在2004年 把一些Harpy UAV 送回以色列 以升級更先進的尋標器 這將可以使用 視覺判斷 確認並且攻擊目標 即使雷達的訊號源已經被關閉 這將大大地提升人民解放軍的反雷達能力 中國也利用Harpy UAV 的科技 來提升自製裝備的性能

    規格:長度2.1 公尺 翼展2.7公尺

    重135公斤 射程500公里

    意見:那只是一部分 不是全部

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