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The Sami live in northern Norway,Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

There are only about thirty-two thousand (32,000) of them, and most of them live a modern life on the coast or in the forests.

Only a few of them live a traditional life.

These few mountain Sami are called nomads because they move from one place to another with their reindeer.

Their life is almost the same as it was a thousand years ago.


in winter the reindeer dig through the snow to find plants for their food.

In spring there plants become very dry, and there are lots of insects.

Then the Sami move their reindeer to the coast.

The deer live on the thick grass there until winter.

When the snow becomes deep, the Sami and their reindeer begin moving slowly back to their winter homes.

There is less snow there.

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    第一段 Sami 活在北挪威、瑞典、芬蘭, 和俄國。有只大約三十二一千(32,000) 他們, 並且大多數居住現代生活在沿海或在森林裡。只一些他們活傳統生活。這些少量山Sami 叫做遊牧人因為他們從一個地方搬走到另一個與他們的馴鹿。他們的生活幾乎是相同照原樣一千年前。 第二段 在冬天馴鹿開掘通過雪發現植物為他們的食物。在春天那裡植物變得非常乾燥, 並且有許多昆蟲。然後Sami 移動他們的馴鹿對沿海。鹿居住在厚實的草那裡直到冬天。當雪成為深深, Sami 和他們的馴鹿開始慢慢地行動回到他們的冬天家。有較少雪那裡。

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