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梁靜茹,如同一個珍貴的蛹,這隻絕無僅有的蝴蝶,在蛹中種種的準備與努力都是在等待破繭的那一煞那,此刻她正要美麗破繭而出、開始振翅高飛 。





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    2 decades ago
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    Under article please help turn over English in me. .....


    Sing love song de songstress many, euphonious love song too have many, but nothing but liang jing ru with her love song, meeting constantly cover mention be widely sunged, become valuable very unique.

    Liang jing ru, be like same valuable pupa, this only very unique butterfly, kinds of de prepare with effort all is at wait breach cocoon de that shortly in pupa, this moment's her about to beauty breach cocoon but come out, start Chen wing high fly .

    Quiet ru's head petite, sing but explosive force thorough, sweet smile's much more unique fascination, but idiosyncrasies, bring up liang jing ru bright image in Chinese's songstress, like only destine want attract people's insight de yan wei die, quiet ru in time want irradiance pyrexia, occupy one space.

    Her outstanding's sweet fascination, honey each time fall in love result, maybe bu jin ren yi, maybe encounter cragged we general can heavy pick up strength, even if leave perfect love give back have distance, our from beginning to end earnest expect next liang jing ru, can let we to each other much nearness a step.

    Current liang jing ru, be going to change completely. She exactly have method let us, under fix love de determination.

  • 2 decades ago


  • 2 decades ago

    Sings the love song female singer to be very many, the pleasant to hear love song also has very much, but only has Liang Chingju with hers love song, can unceasingly mention is passed on sings, becomes preciously 絕 does not have only has.

    Liang Chingju, like the identical precious cocoon, this 絕 does not only have the butterfly which only has, in the cocoon all sorts of preparations with diligently all is was waiting for the broken cocoon that ghost that, this moment she is just about to the beautiful broken cocoon but, starts to flutter high flies.

    Static vegetables petite, sings the explosive force to be actually full, the delightful smiling face is the unique charm, but these special characteristics, accomplish Liang Chingju in the Chinese people female singer the bright image, likes dovetail butterfly which is only doomed to have to attract the person judgement, the static vegetables sooner or later must shine give off heat, hold the small space.

    Her blooming delightful charm, the honey each time falls in love with the result, perhaps 不盡人意, perhaps encounters is rugged we always to be allowed again to ascend the strength, even if also has the distance to the perfect love, we always earnestly anticipated next Liang Chingju, can let us approach to each other step.

    Present Liang Chingju, must be reborn. She has the means to let us, makes resolution which surely loves.

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