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    2 decades ago
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    A: We will have to give a seminar next week.

    B: Yeah, strange enough, I do not find in the instruction if we have to do in English or Chinese.

    A: Oh, good, that means we can do either way.

    B: Sure, I would like to present in Chinese, it is a lot easier for me to talk in Chinese than in English. (C1)

    A: True; however, there are many foreigners in the audience. There will not be able to understand if you talk in Chinese. I believe it’s better to use English for the benefit of your audience. (E1)

    B: There are translators available for them. So they will not get lost. But it’s important to express myself in my mother language. (C2)

    A: I will have trouble to find the Chinese words for the professional terms. For this topic, it’s better to use English so we can use the English expressions better. (E2)

    B: Let’s present it in Chinese and you can still use the English terms, every one would understand it. Altogether, it’s better to use Chinese because the presentation will be appreciated by most of the audience who are Chinese. (C3)

    A: How about let us make a summary in English and main presentation in Chinese? This way, the foreigners will not feel being neglected and will have some idea of our presentation.(E3)

    B: Good idea! Let’s do it.

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