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總共有五個演講題目...各位大大只要挑一個用就好了,不過你要全部用也可以拜託了.......1 my wish 2 my favorite movie 3 my most imbarrassing moment 4 if i won loto 5 the worst job in the world



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    I wish I were a transvestite. Seriously, a transvestite. I love how the way women dress themselves up, all beautiful and glamour. It is unfair to ask men to wear suit. Just look for yourself, there is no comparison. Dress is good, suit is bad.

    My psychiatrist told me I am sick. I can sue him you know for being so unkind. It's purely gender bias. This world is full of unrealistic idolism. Why can't I dress whatever I like. who's right is it to tell me what to do. Oh, how I love to be a transvestite.

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