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關於主修翻譯或是HR(Human Resource)在英國.


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    I dont know if it is any good the HR majoy in the UK.

    HR usually come under college's business school section.

    You can try to go to Oxford's Said business school, Cambridge's Judge Institute of Management or Imperial College's Tanaka business school.

    I know for sure that some MBA does offer HR as selective subject. Or it maybe under some mamagement major.

    Dont know who told you that the translation major is no good in the UK. I think it's bullshit. Unless you are not talking about English.

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    haha...give me a second to laugh at the answer above. That is pretty good.

    Basically, if you are thinking to commence a Master's programme in Interpreting or HR in the UK, you definitely go to the University of Bath to study Interpreting as this univeristy is such a famous university in the world. And surely there are a bunch of good universities in the UK offering Master's programme in HRM. You better just ask someone to help you finding courses rathan then just do it yourself. You won't pay for extra cost for that. Do not worry. Should you have any further inquiries or questions, plese do feel free to contact me. I will be willing to help you and answer your question.

    Be Good and Be Stronger.

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    The translation courses in Newcastle is nice. I've also tried to find the HR major or leader and leadership.

    I found English " beatiful" when I spent one year in UK.Well,it worths not only studying in UK but just staying there, and enjoy the life there.

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