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    Powder processing for the fabrication of Si 3 N 4 ceramics. I- Influence of spray-dried granule …H Kamiya, K Isomura, G Jimbo, T Jun-ichiro - Cited by 8 - Web SearchPowder processing for the fabrication of Si 3 N 4 ceramics. ... The fracture strengthof single granules of Si3N4 powder made with ultrafine Al2O3 and Y2O3 powders ... Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 1995 - Silicon Nitride–From Powder Synthesis to Ceramic MaterialsH Lange, G Woetting, G Winter - Cited by 13 - Web Search... contamination by, say, dust particles, the transfer of powder processing, shaping,and ... not only the crystalline phases but also amorphous Si3N4.Is41 This ... Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl, 1991 - High-resolution interface analysis of SiC-whisker-reinforced Si3N4 and AI203 ceramic matrix …W BRAUE, RW CARPENTER, DJ SMITH - Cited by 6 - Web Search... 2, is not well preserved during powder processing of the composites ... Figs 3, 4 and5. The Si3N 4 material consisted of fully transformed /3-type Si3N4, an yttrium ... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 1990 - - - REVIEW: STRUCTURAL CERAMIC NANOCOMPOSITESM Sternitzke - Cited by 37 - Web Search... are reviewed with emphasis on the Al2O3/SiC and Si3N4/SiC systems. ... Basic processingroutes for nanocomposites, namely conventional powder processing, sol-gel ... Journal of the European Ceramics Society, 1997 - IVlicrostructure development of SiaN4-TiN composite prepared by in situ compositingCM WANG - Cited by 4 - Web Search... were mainly composed of 13'-sialons, residual c-Si3N4, silicon oxynitride ... parationof a particulate composite by conventional powder processing always generates ... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 1995 - - REDISTRIBUTION OF THE LIQUID PHASE DURING SINTERING OF SILICON NITRIDEM Herrmann, C Boberski, G Michael, G Putzky, W … - Cited by 2 - Web Search... sintering for samples with a homogeneous distribu- 0 tion of additives after powderprocessing. ... a'+ fi)-Si3N 4, 98%; LC 12, BET 17.8m2g -1, o:(oL + fi)-Si3N4 95 ... Journal of Materials Science Letters, 1993 - - [CITATION] Influence of additive content of anionic polymer dispersant on dense alumina suspension viscosityY Fukuda, T Togahi, Y Suzuki, M Naito, H Kamiya - Cited by 2 - Web SearchINFLUENCE OF POWDER TREATMENT METHODS ON SINTERING, MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF Si 3 N 4-BASED …A Bellosi, F Monteverde, GN Babini - Cited by 1 - Web Search... The effects of different powder processing routes for the addition of sinteringaids (La2O3 + Y2O3 and Al2O3 + Y2O3) in Si3N4 mixtures on the sintering ... NATO ASI Series 3. High Technology-, 1996 - - Powder Processing of Fiber-Reinforced Ceramics: Strengthening of the Powder Matrix Without Shrinkage …WENC TU - Web Search... Powder processing of fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites is limited byconstrained ... Si3N4 powder matrices were infiltrated with either Zr(Y)-nitrate ... STUDIES ON POWDER PROCESSING FOR OPTIMISATION OF A SILICON NITRIDE FABRICATION ROUTERK H-J, E Gunther, U Klemm, R Knitter, D Sobek - Web Search... Abstract. The compaction behaviour of Si3N4 with low amounts of oxidic sinteringadditives can be improved by optimisation of powder processing. ... Silicates Industriels, 1995 - - IVlicrostructural homogeneity improvement in Si3N4 by a powder coating methodCM WANG - Web Search... Powder processing and sample characterization An optimized powder coating processwas employed in ... alkoxide: iso-propanol of l:20gcm -3, and Si3N4 powder (Starck ... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 1996 - Better High-Tech Ceramics by Improved ProcessingDJ Rhee, IA Aksay - Web Search... solid bulks of strongly covalent ceram- ics such as SIC, Si3N4 and BN were ... a seriesof questions about an ideal ap- proach to powder processing, from which the ... EFFECT OF POWDER PROCESSING ON SLIP CASTING PARAMETERS AND SINTERING OF Si 3 N 4-SiO 2-Y 2 O 3G Gilde, G Gazza - Web SearchEFFECT OF POWDER PROCESSING ON SLIP CASTING PARAMETERS AND SINTERING OF Si 3 N4-SiO 2-Y ... A procedure was developed for slip casting Si3N4-Y2O3-SiO2 compositions ... Materials Research Society Symp. Proc., 1992 - Sintering process of Y203 and AI203-doped Si3N4ABE OSAMI - Web Search... Sintering process of Y203 and AI203-doped Si3N4 ... The densification progressedslowly below 1500 C without c/fl transformation of Si3N4. ... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 1990 - Wear Protection in Powder Processing with SSiC and Si 3 N 4 ComponentsK Berroth, W Martin - Web Search... shown that the use of components af SSiC and Si3N4 ceramics offers ... Ceramic componentsare therefore competitive for use in powder processing machines and plants ... Ceramic Forum International, 2004 - High-Temperature Properties of SiC-Si3N4 Particle CompositesG Woetting, B Caspers, E Gugel, R Westerheide - Web SearchHigh-Temperature Properties of SiC-Si3N4 Particle Composites. ... Powder processing:powder metallurgy, compaction, sintering, mechanical alloying, and granulation. ... Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 2000 - Microwave and millimeter wave processing of polymer-derived silicon nitrideST Schwab, SF Timmons, CR Blanchard, MD Grimes, RC … - Web Search... One such precursor, perhydropolysilazane (or PHPS), has been shown to be a usefulbinder for Si3N4 powder processing, a useful matrix precursor for the polymer ... Microwave processing of materials V, 1996 - INFLUENCE OF CARBON ON THE PROCESSING AND PROPERTIES OF SILICON NITRIDEC Van der Sijp, O Van der Biest, E Nagy, D McGarry … - Web Search... der Sijp, O Van der Biest, E Nagy, D McGarry, SD Peteves Ceramic Powder ProcessingScience. ... Up to 2.25 wt % C was added to a low carbon content Si3N4 powder in ... Ceramic Powder Processing Science. Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. …, 1988 - Effect of powder processing on slip casting parameters and sintering of Si 3 N 4-Y 2 O 3-SiO 2(Final …G GILDE, G GAZZA - Web SearchEffect of powder processing on slip casting parameters and sintering of Si 3 N4-Y 2 ... A procedure was developed for slip casting Si3N4(-)Y2O3(-)SiO2 compositions ... Microstructure and Densification of Pressureless-Sintered Al2O3/Si3N4-Whisker CompositesWJ Tseng, PD Funkenbusch - Web Search... Microstructure and Densification of Pressureless-Sintered Al2O3/Si3N4-WhiskerComposites ... Care- ful powder processing and use of composite form have the ... Strength of Hot Isostatically Pressed and Sintered Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitrides Containing Y2O3O Cleveland - View as HTML - Web Search... strength of NASA 6Y with improvements in powder processing techniques ... CONCLUDINGREMARKS Inthis study, the RBSN route to a fully dense Si3N4 material by hot iso ... TAILORING OF Si 3 N 4-POWDER PROPERTIES CONCERNING SINTERING BEHAVIOUR AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIESG Nietfeld, U Wickel, G Wotting - Web SearchG Nietfeld, U Wickel, G Wotting Ceramic Powder Processing Science. ... Sintering of Si3N4and resulting mechanical properties are determined by the starting powder ... Ceramic Powder Processing Science. Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. …, 1988 - GELCASTING AND AQUEOUS INJECTION MOULDING FOR SILICON NITRIDE STRUCTURAL CERAMICSOO Omatete, JP Pollinger - Web Search... thus have required extensive refinement and control of colloidal powder processingcharacteristics to be used effectively with submicron sized Si3N4 and oxide ... Ceramic Transactions, 1997 - - Electrostatic Adsorption of a Colloidal Sintering Agent on Silicon Nitride ParticlesE Procedure - Web Search... F. Lange, ‘Approach to Reliable Powder Processing”; pp ... Mah, K. S. Mazdiyasni, andR. Ruh, “Characterization and Properties of Hot-Pressed Si3N4 with Alkoxy ... J Am Ceram Soc, 1991 - Improved processing of Si 3 N 4W SANDERS, G BAAKLINI - Web Search... structural (density) uniformity as affected by systematic changes in powder processingand sintering ... from a pore to a large columnar beta-Si3N4 grain typically ... Structural Ceramics p 119-127(SEE N 88-23872 17-27), 1986 - ALPHA TO BETA TRANSFORMATION IN Si 3 N 4 POWDERSS Natansohn, VK Sarin - Web SearchS Natansohn, VK Sarin Ceramic Powder Processing Science. ... This conversion occurs viaa liquid-phase mechanism and is aided by the presence of beta-Si3N4 in the ... Ceramic Powder Processing Science. Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. …, 1988 - High thermal conductivity of in-situ Si 3 N 4 compositesK Watari, K Hirao, BE Manuel, M Toriyama, S … - Web Search... Abstract. We have produced extremely elongated B-Si3N4 grains in the sintered Si3N4by unique powder processing technique such as tape-casting and by ultrahigh ... Ceramic-ceramic composites IV, 1997 - ASSOCIATED ANALYSIS OF METALLIC AND ANIONIC CONTAMINATION FOR Si 3 N 4 CLEAN ROOM PROCESSINGW Worner, G Kaiser, K Schulze, H Schubert, G … - Web Search... The uptake of contamination in a clean room powder process is reported. The powders(Si3N4 with Y2O3 and Al2O3) were processed by mixing/milling with organic ... Euro-Ceramics II., 1991 - POLYMERIC INTERACTIONS OF DISPERSANT AND BINDER IN AQUEOUS SILICON NITRIDE SUSPENSIONSK B-H, K M-H, U Paik - Web Search... processing additives on the Si3N4 particle surface was studied to identify the effectof these processing polymeric additives on the ceramic powder processing. ... J. Korean Ceram. Soc., 1995 - PROCESSING OF DENSE, HIGH PURITY, ADDITIVE-FREE Si 3 N 4SC Danforth, W Symons, KJ Nilsen, RE Riman - Web Search... W Symons, KJ Nilsen, RE Riman Ceramic Powder Processing Science. ... The dispersion,consolidation and densification of laser synthesised Si3N4 powders processed ... Ceramic Powder Processing Science. Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. …, 1988 - Simon JP Durham,*** Kartik Shanker,* and Robin A. L. DrewJA Ceram - Web Search... Conditions for carbothermal synthesis of a-Si3N4 are pre- sented with special emphasison the reaction temperature, C: SiOz ratio, and precursor mixing. ... Strengthening of silicon nitride ceramicsP GREIL - Web Search... Strengthening of Si3N4 ceramics by reduction of defect sizes by controlled ... has tobe excluded by environment controlled powder processing and manufacturing ... Kernforschungsanlage Juelich GmbH, The 8 th German-Yugoslav …, 1988 - Joining processes and materials[for joining ceramics]MM SCHWARTZ - Web Search... described and details are given of metallising, sintered metal powder process (egMoMn ... and metals is covered; special attention is given to Si3N4, Sialon, SiC ... Ceramic Joining, Chapter 5. Materials Park, OH 44073, USA, 1990 - Feedstock material property±process relationships in fused deposition of ceramics (FDC)N Venkataraman, S Rangarajan, MJ Matthewson, B … - Cited by 3 - Web Search... PZTECG9 PZT a (52.6) ECG9 160 Stearic acid (3%) RU955 Si3N4 b (55) RU9100 Oleyl alcohol (3%) GRRU9 Graphite c (55) RU9 100 None ... Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2000 - - - ANALYSIS OF SURFACE CHEMISTRY OF SILICON NITRIDE AND CARBIDE POWDERSSG Malghan, PT Pei, PS Wang - Web Search... Two Si3N4 powders and a SiC powder were studied by surface sensitive X ... were exposedto oxidising environments, similar to that existing in powder processing. ... Ceramic Transactions, 1991 - PLASMA SYNTHESIS OF NANOSCALED Si 3 N 4, SiC, AND Si 3 N 4-SiC COMPOSITE POWDERSR Mach, K H-D, S K-D, H Drost, F Oleszak, C … - Web Search... producing nanoscale powders of Si3N4, SiC and Si3N4-SiC composites ... Plasmachemicalpowder processing can be designed to attain multiple microstructure-property ... Ceramic Transactions, 1994 - TRANSPARENCY OF OXYNITRIDE GLASSESP Korgul, DP Thompson - Cited by 2 - Web Search... during powder processing might be in the form of oxides which can react with siliconnitride according to any of the following reactions Si3N4(s) + 6FeO ... Journal of Materials Science, 1993 - - SILICON NITRIDE CERAMICS-" IDEAL" POWDERS," REAL" MATERIALSD Linke - Web Search... The shrinkage behaviour of green sintered Si3N4 samples and its dependence on powderprocessing and shaping techniques is also presented. 37 refs. Engineering Ceramics'92. Proc. Int. Conf. Smolenice Castle, …, 1992 - NON-OXIDE CERAMIC POWDERSG SCHWIER - Web Search... SiC and Si3N4 are used to show how powder manufacturing method and powder qualityare correlated and how this might affect powder processing and product quality ... Densification studies of SRBSN with unstabilized zirconia by means of dilatometry and electron …HJ Kleebe, W Braue, W Luxem - Cited by 4 - Web Search... 1920 Nz-gas pressure (bars) 15 100 Phase content* [-Si3N4 13-SiaN4 ... gm), which arepresumably due to agglomer- ation during powder processing, were occasionally ... Journal of Materials Science, 1994 - - Effects of raw powders on microstructure and properties of Si 3 N 4-based ceramicsA Bellosi, GN Babini - Web Search... Abstract. The effects of different Si3N4 powders, different powder processing routes(mechanical, ultrasonic, attritor mixing of additive powders, and chemical ... The science of engineering ceramics II, 1998 - - Critical comparison of ICP-OES, XRF, and fluorine volatilization-FTIR spectrometry for the reliable …G Kaiser, A Meyer, M Friess, R Riedel, M Harris, E … - Cited by 2 - Web Search... T > 1400 °C Si3+xN,Cx+y > et-Si3N4 + xfl(a) - SiC + yC (3 ... In order to yield ceramicmonoliths by means of a newly developed polymer powder processing route [11 ... Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 1995 - - Boron‐modified Inorganic Polymers—Precursors for the Synthesis of Multicomponent CeramicsR Riedel, J Bill, A Kienzle - Cited by 13 - Web Search... 2. In contrast to the traditional powder processing for the synthesis of ceramic ...dense micro/nano bulk composites composed of a- or @-Si3N4 microparticles and ... Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 1996 - Thermal Conversion of Preceramic Polyiminoalane Precursors to Aluminum Nitride: Characterization of …E PROCEDURE - Web Search... for molten metals.* Aluminum nitride is also helpful as a sintering aid for siliconnitride (Si3N4). ... Further studies should im- prove powder processing. ... Plasma for special applicationsJ Amouroux, D Morvan, A Gicquel, P fiir spezielle … - Web Search... Synthesis Synthesis with liquid material such as nitriding phenomena Synthesis anddeposition such as SiO2 production Synthesis of powder (Si3N4, SiC) ... THE MANUFACTURE AND MICROSTRUCTURE OFFRTS COATINGS - View as HTML - Web Search... 31). The bulk material values of E have been used for YSZf and Si3N4. ... thought thatfurther attention should be given to the powder processing aspect of this ... Surface and Coatings Technology, 1989 - Densification of uitrafine SiC powdersR VAI3EN, A KAISER, J FORSTER, HP BUCHKREMER, D … - Cited by 2 - Web Search... A study of different powder processing routes and their influence on the pore-size ...HIPing of ultrafine Si3N4 powders [12] resulted in grain sizes of about 500 ... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE - Ceramic Processing: an OverviewRW Rice - Cited by 2 - Web Search... Major stages of the powder process, from preparation, modification, and handling,to sintering or pressure densification (or postdensification) are discussed. ... AIChE Journal, 1990 - - Ceramics from OrganometallicM Peuckert, T Vaahs, M Bruck - Web Search... processing alternatives in those applications which are im- possible via powderprocessing. ... adduct, polymerized, and finally pyrolyzed to pure Si3N4.1281 The ... The microstructure of sintered Si-AI-ON ceramicsMH LEWIS, AR BHATTI, RJ LUMBY, B NORTH - Cited by 6 - Web Search... may be compared with theoretical values based on a/3'- Si3N4 with A1 ... give valuesof porosity <2%. Hence with careful control of powder processing and sintering ... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 1980 - - - High-Performance Silicon Nitride MaterialsC Boberski, R Hamminger, M Peuckert, F Aldinger, R … - Web Search... During powder processing, the incorporation and homo- geneous distribution of sinteringaids ... boundary phases because of their insolubil- ity in Si3N4, and second ... Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English, 1989 - - Unique Opportunities for Microstructural Engineering With Duplex and Laminar Ceramic CompositesMP Harmer, HM Chan, G Miller - Cited by 24 - Web Search... I. Introduction MUCH of the past emphasis in ce- ramic powder-processing sciencehas been placed on achieving the highest degree of homogeneity in monophase ... Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 1992 - - Improvement of fracture toughness in hot isostatically pressed mixtures of ultrafine and coarse- …J Forster, R Vassen, D Stover - Cited by 2 - Web Search... More details on the powder processing of ultrafine SiC powders and the HIP ... Calculationsin the Si3N4/SiC system, where the thermal expansion coefficient ... Journal of Materials Science Letters, 1995 - - Non-Polymeric Binders for Ceramic Powders: Utilization of Neutral and Ionic Species Derived From …W REES, D SEYFERTH - Web Search... of material have been employed as binders in ceramic powder processing, organicpolymers ... and other ceramic powders such as BN, SiC, BI3P> Si3N4 and elemental ... Journal of Materials Science, 1989 - - - International Edition in EnglishF Aldinger, HJ Kalz - Web Search... Nitriding of silicon 3Si + 2Nz --t S&N, Carbothermal nitriding 3 Si02 + 6 C + 2N, --f Si3N4 + 6C0, Gas phase reactions 3SiC14 + 4NH3 --f Si3N4 + 12HCI 3 SiH ... High-Temperature Failure Mechanisms of Hot-Pressed Si, N, andN Si, N Si, WR Composites - Web Search... 0-35 01%) and Si,N,-matrix powder was prepared by conventional powder processing. ...FkXUrdl strength of Si3N4,,JSi3N4 composites as a function of whisker content ... A cost-effective P/M titanium matrix composite for automobile useT Saito - Cited by 1 - Web Search... Hereafter the production process including powder processing described above willbe called "the new ... 460 7.4 TiN 24.0 250 9.3 SiC 25.0 420 4.3 Si3N4 14.7 320 ... Advanced Performance Materials, 1995 - - - EFFECT OF NITRIDE COATING ON SiC PLATELET IN Al 2 O 3/SiC HYBRID-COMPOSITESSY Lee, KH Im, BS Jun - Web Search... An Al2O3/SiC hybrid-composite was fabricated by conventional powder processing. ... SiCplatelets coated with nitrides such as BN and Si3N4 enhanced fracture ... J. Korean Ceram. Soc., 1997 - Composite plasma sprayed coatingsCC BERNDT, JH YI - Web Search... SiC, YSZ (ZrO2-8%Y2O3 in fibre form) and Si3N4 fibres. Topics include: the structureof plasma sprayed composite coatings; powder processing; optimum material ... Thermal Spraying, Proceedings, 12 th International …, 1989 - CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF HIGH-PURITY CERAMIC POWDERS BY SLURRY-ATOMISATION- A VERSATILE ICP-TECHNIQUE …T Graule, J Broekaert - Web SearchT Graule, J Broekaert Ceramic Powder Processing Science ... trace concentrations (ppbto ppm) in different high purity ceramic powders (Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4, SiC, ZrO2 ... Ceramic Powder Processing Science. Proc. 2 nd Int. Conf. …, 1988 - major characteristics and featuresH Zoz - View as HTML - Web Search... Simoloyer is available with tools by stainless steel/stellite, WC-Co and Si3N4 Bythe development of MMC, CMC and in particular CCC, the contamination of the ... - The influence of amorphous grain boundary phases on the superplastic behavior of 3 mol% yttria- …M Gust, G Goo, J Wolfenstine, ML Mecartney - Cited by 16 - Library Search - Web Search... Structural ceramics such as alumina,’,’ Si,N4,4 Si3N4/SiC,’ and TZP compositeswith alumina and mullite(+” have all been shown to exhibit ... Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 1992 - - OAKRIDGE'WORN-L 97-0476 NATIONALLABORATORYLLC UT-BATTELLE, U DISTRIBUTION - View as HTML - Web Search... Pickrell, GR, Sun, T., Brown, JJ, “High Temperature Corrosion of Sic‘and Si3N4,” Fuel Processing Technology, 44,213-236, 1995. ... ORNL - Ceramics via polymer pyrolysisKJ Wynne, RW RICE - Cited by 36 - Web Search... The latter may involve the use of the polymer as a binder in normal ceramic powderprocessing, in the formation of a ceramic matrix in a composite, or even as ... Annual Review of Materials Research, 1984 - - - RESEAU FRANCAIS DE MECANOSYNTHESE Lettre N 56P Balaz, G Le Caer, A Calka, E Gaffet, SH Hong, E … - View as HTML - Web SearchPage 1. - 1 - Lettre RFM N° 56 - Novembre 1999 Corresp. : RESEAUFRANÇAIS DE MECANOSYNTHESE Lettre N°56 ----- Novembre 1999 ... Japanese Aerospace Lit e rat ure This month: Fracture MechanicsH KINUHATA, H KOIZUKA, K MIYAMOTO, T TANAKA, H … - Web Search... important parameter in evaluation of the impact damage of Si3N4 ceramics ...Zirconia-nickel composite materials were fabricated by powder processing technique ... RESEAU FRANCAIS DE MECANOSYNTHESE Lettre N 50G de Recherche - View as HTML - Web SearchPage 1. - 1 - Lettre RFM N° 50 - Mai 1999 Corresp. : Eric.Gaffet@utbm.frRESEAU FRANÇAIS DE MECANOSYNTHESE Lettre N°50 ----- Mai 1999 ... temperatures higher than 170" C. This color change can be explained by a reduction of the planarity …R Commun, PG Ziegler, J Hapke - Web Search... r41 Nanocomposites of this type can be produced by ceramic powder processing withsome ... from a rigid, oligomeric cyclosilazane (a precursor for Si3N4[8b1) and Ti ... Synthetic Routes to High Surface Area Nonoxide MaterialsWR Chorley, WL Peter - Cited by 2 - Web SearchPage 1. ADVANCED MATERIALS Synthetic Routes to High Surface Area Non-Oxide Materials **By Richard W. Charley,* and Peter W. Lednor* 1. Introduction ... Adv. Mater, 1991 -

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