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紐澤西愛未眠 (Jersey Girl)

有人看過紐澤西愛未眠 (Jersey Girl) 嗎?

裡面他們去看的百老匯(Broadway show)是什麼呢? 他們最後在學校表演的

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    沒看過這片 你檢查一下

    Sweeney Todd<---應該是這齣劇 本來以為是Cats,


    amazon 有賣

    While waiting in the lobby for the job interview, Ollie runs into Will Smith and they begin to chat about parenting and their children and how much that they love them. Ollie realizes that no success or riches can substitute for the love of his daughter and he jumps up and rushes to his daughter’s school.

    He arrives just in time to perform with Gertie in a musical number from “Sweeney Todd” that ends with the demon barber (Ollie) slitting the throat of his customer. The crowd reluctantly applauds.

    男主角及時趕上 跟女兒表演音樂劇 Sweeney Todd



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