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幫我 翻譯英文【急】~~~~~~~~><///

Charter One Bank customer notice: details confirmation

Charter One Bank

Dear Client of the Charter One Bank,

Technical services of the Charter One Bank are carrying out a planned software

upgrade. We earnestly ask you to visit the following link to start the procedure of

confirmation of customers' data.

we present our apologies and thank you for co-operating

thisinstruction has been sent to all bank customers and is obilgatory to follow.

Member FDIC Charter One Bank


感謝你* w * + + +

Update 2:


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    首先,這是一封詐騙的 email, 不用理會!

    他假借銀行軟體升級,然後要你確認私人資料及信用卡號碼,當然你不是Charter One Bank的存戶.


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