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As appropriate , obtain the individual's commitment to meet this goal. Obtain the commitment of the faciliators to support the instructional program.Give your commitment to teach communication skills and modify the instructional program as required to ensure the expected outcomes are attained.

Meet with the individual and his faciliators, as appropriate , to evaluate the outcomes of the instructional program.

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    就如合適,獲得個人的承諾實現這目標。獲得 faciliators 的承諾支持教育指導的計劃。給你的承諾教溝通技巧,修改教育指導的計劃如要求為了確保被預料的結果被獲得。

    遇見個人和他的 faciliators,如合適,為了評估教育指導的計劃的結果。


    1. 跟...一樣地,同樣地 Sam is as rich as Alexander. 山姆像亞歷山大一樣富有。

    2. 如同;例如  Such animals as foxes and squirrels have bushy tails. 有些動物,如狐和松鼠,有蓬鬆的尾巴。


    1. 作為,以...的身分  She works as an interpreter in that company. 她在該公司裡擔任翻譯員。

    2. 當作 She didn't think much of him as a painter.她對他作為一位畫家評價不高。

    3. 像;如同 The old woman was dressed as a young lady.這位老婦人打扮得像一位年輕人。


    1. 像...一樣;依照;像 像...一樣;依照;像 You ought to do as Paul tells you.你應按照保羅吩咐的做。

    The work is not so difficult as you imagine.這工作不像你想像的那麼困難。

    2. 當...時  As she left the room she remembered that book.她離開房間時想起了那本書。

    3. 隨著  As the sun rose the fog dispersed.太陽一出來,霧隨之消失。

    4. 因為  We didn't know what to do as we were just visiting there.我們不知道該怎麼辦,因為當時我們僅僅在那裡作訪問。

    5. 雖然  Tired as he was, he sat up late.他雖然疲倦,可仍然很晚才睡。


    1. (與such, the same, as等連用,引導關係子句)與...相同的事物(或人)。

    He has earned as much money as I have.


    She felt just the same as he did.


    There is a general rise in prices such as occurred in the late 60's.


    2. (引導子句,對前述內容作補充)本情況,該事

    She has married again, as was expected.


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    As 有考慮到

    As appropriate = 適當地(考慮適當性)

    As 如,依

    As required 如要求/ 依需求 (He made the adjustment as required 他依需求做了調整)

    As requested 如要求 (I painted it red as requested 依(客人)要求我把他給漆成紅色)

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