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"作者 以第一人稱妻子的口吻方式敘述,產後憂鬱症後修養到精神崩潰的過程."

'作者巧妙的利用無生命的黃色壁紙影射女主角的心理狀態從一開始的軟禁般的修養到最後的完全崩潰, 突顯出當時的父權主義當道.女權不被重視"




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    作者 以第一人稱妻子的口吻方式敘述,產後憂鬱症後修養到精神崩潰的過程."

    The author narrates by way of the first person wife's tone , training reaches the course of having a nervous breakdown after the postpartum melancholia. "


    修養到最後的完全崩潰, 突顯出當時的父權主義當道.女權不被重視"

    Complete collapse that the author ingenious dead yellow wall paper of use hinted obliquely at the training like the house arrest from the beginning of psychological condition of the leading lady and got finally, show the patriarchy doctrine at that time in the way suddenly . The women's right is not paid attention to "


    We saw the course that a creative woman collapses gradually under the pressure of the society (regard husband , elder brother and sister-in-law as representatives ) in this novel. The husband and elder brother are all well-known doctors, know the patient's need naturally . The sister-in-law becomes a tool which carry out these authoritativly with too, obstruct narrators' creation work everywhere. Her creativity is under the channel not giving vent to, moving the feeling becomes reverie in the face of the yellow wall paper, end to collapse finally. "

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