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    1.A shepherd boy in west Asia , Shandong , Anda , Spain pursues the dream, course going the Pyramid.

    2.The boy cuts off the study career of the convent because of wishing eagerly to know the world , travel everywhere, begin the life of shepherd.

    3.Go through all sorts of between test and several development kinds of possibility of career another, the teenagers still, with insist on , no matter how many ways are wound, adjust more or less according to the willpower , enthusiasm, not forgetting one's own original intention yet, the orientation dreams of moving ahead.

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    1.A Spanish Anda Lu west Asia area tends sheep the boy to track down the

    dream, goes to pyramid the course.

    2.The boy because the hope understanding world, travels in all

    directions severs the monastery the study profession, starts life

    which tends sheep. 3.Had been through repeatedly all sorts of tests to plant the profession

    in addition with several kind of development the possibility, the

    youth still by reason of the will, the enthusiasm and persisted, no

    matter circles how many road, made how many adjustments, still had not

    put behind own original intention, faced the dream vanguard.

    Source(s): 大腦
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    1. A shepherd boy from Andalucia, Spain, started off a course to the Pyramid in a pursue of his dream.

    2. Driven by a thurst to get to know the world, the boy stopped his learning in Convent and started a shepherd life to travel all around.

    3. After experiencing all sorts of trials and numerous possibilities of developing other life styles, the boy, with his willpower, passion, and persistance, no matter how much adjustments and obstacles, never forget his original

    passion, forge ahead toward his dream.

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