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"露骨"和"肉麻"ㄉ英文是啥? 口語一點ㄉ,生活化ㄉ~

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    mash. 肉麻

    露骨, 有很多講法呀, 妳指的是哪種情況呢?

    1. hardcore - 比較露骨的性

    2. tantalising - 撩人(性感的意思)

    3. pretty nacked - i.e. She looks pretty nached - 將盡裸體


    1. outspoken

    2. straight. i.e. He's a pretty straight guy.

    Source(s): 我本人...(澳洲)
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    touchy-feely (adj.)--which is what I learned from a book called 英文王子張介英. Just for your reference.

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    oh man, very sad translation...

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    肉麻 sickeningly disgusting

    露骨 (to become) undisguised

    Source(s): 英語直通車
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    露骨 bald, explicit, barefaced肉麻 sickening, disgusting

  • ares
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    肉麻: mushy

    No idea what the first is.

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